Fruits Sample Clauses

Fruits. Within the period of pledge, Party A shall be entitled to the fruits arising from the Pledged Equity, including, but not limited to, the bonus, dividends, profit distribution, distributable profits, etc arising from or received with respect to the Pledged Equity.
Fruits. (1) Mango and it's products.
Fruits. (B) Vegetables (other than lentils, mung beans, and dry peas).
Fruits. In case the debtor has not honored the matured debt or any situations for realization of the mortgage right agreed in this contract occurred, which has resulted in the legal detention of the collateral by the people’s court, the mortgagee shall have the rights to get the natural fruits and legal fruits of the collateral commencing from the detention of the collateral. However, the mortgagee shall not have the rights to get such fruits in case it has not notified the obligor of the legal fruits according to the law. The fruits regulated in the previous clause shall be first used for the payment of the expense arising from the collection of the fruits.
Fruits. If the mortgaged property is seized by a People's Court because of the mortgagor’s failure to pay his due debts or occurrence of enforcement of the right to mortgage in other means as stipulated hereof, the mortgagee shall, from the date of seizure, be entitled to collect the natural fruits or legal fruits generated from the mortgaged property, except that the mortgagee fails to notify the person who has the obligation to pay legal fruits. 第 3 页 共 13 页 The fruits provided for in the preceding paragraph shall be first used to offset the expenses for collecting the fruits.

Related to Fruits

  • Minerals Without the prior written consent of Huntington, there shall be no drilling or exploring for, or extraction, removal, or production of, minerals from the surface or subsurface of the Property. The term "minerals" as used herein shall include, without limitation, oil, gas, casinghead gas, coal, lignite, hydrocarbons, methane, carbon dioxide, helium, uranium and all other natural elements, compounds and substances, including sand and gravel.

  • Goods For purposes of the Contract, all things which are movable at the time that the Contract is effective and which include, without limiting this definition, supplies, materials and equipment, as specified in the Invitation to Bid and set forth in Exhibit A.

  • Merchandise Programs, T-shirts, souvenirs, posters, novelty items, clothing apparel, and recorded media will be sold in the Centre only by BCEC Management or representatives nominated by it, unless BCEC Management agrees in writing to waive this condition. BCEC Management will retain 18% (including GST) of gross merchandise sales. All revenue derived from the sale of motion pictures, still photography, television or radio recordings, or other similar rights, is to be subject to a seperate agreement between Hirer and BCEC Management. 26 Additional Responsibilities In addition to its responsibilities under clause 7.1, Xxxxx must:

  • Products Products available under this Contract are limited to Software, including Software as a Service, products and related products as specified in Appendix C, Pricing Index. Vendor may incorporate changes to their product offering; however, any changes must be within the scope of products awarded based on the posting described in Section 1.B above. Vendor may not add a manufacturer’s product line which was not included in the Vendor’s response to the solicitation described in Section 1.B above.

  • Animals The Hirer shall ensure that no animals (including birds) except guide dogs are brought into the premises, other than for a special event agreed to by the Village Hall. No animals whatsoever are to enter the kitchen at any time.

  • Recycled Products The Contractor agrees to comply with all the requirements of Section 6002 of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), as amended (42 U.S.C. 6962), including but not limited to the regulatory provisions of 40 CFR Part 247, and Executive Order 12873, as they apply to the procurement of the items designated in Subpart B of 40 CFR Part 247. References: 42 U.S.C. 6962, 40 CFR Part 247, Executive Order 12873 (More than $10,000) Environmental Conditions Discovered During Construction

  • Raw Materials A. Catalent shall procure Raw Materials only from vendors that are approved in writing by Palatin or otherwise qualified in accordance with the provisions of the Quality Agreement. Catalent shall be responsible for procuring Raw Materials as necessary to meet the Firm Commitment. Catalent shall not be liable for any delay in delivery of Product if (i) Catalent is unable to obtain, in a timely manner, a particular Raw Material necessary for Processing and (ii) Catalent placed orders for such Raw Materials promptly following receipt of Palatin’s Firm Commitment. In the event that any Raw Material becomes subject to purchase lead time beyond the Firm Commitment time frame, the parties will negotiate in good faith an appropriate amendment to this Agreement, including Clause 4.2.

  • Food Although food may be served at a program being paid for with grant funds, the food may not be purchased with grant or matching funds.

  • Trees City will provide maintenance to all trees on Premises, including hazardous tree removal, broken limb removal and corrective pruning. No tree shall be planted or removed without prior approval from the Parks Division.

  • Fish and Wildlife Service 2002c. Colorado pikeminnow (Ptychocheilus lucius) recovery goals: amendment and supplement to the Colorado Squawfish Recovery Plan.