FINISHING Sample Clauses

FINISHING. The [*] will be delivered to Buyer as follows:
FINISHING. Sterilised bags are visually inspected for unusual appearance and packaged in cartons.
FINISHING. Unless requested by Endo in writing to the contrary, DURECT shall supply to Endo for commercial distribution all (i) Product as Finished Product, and (ii) Implanters and, if Commercialized hereunder, Implant Kits in ready-for-sale form, including any labeling and other packaging materials approved by the JCC.
FINISHING. (d) That the TENANT shall assume interior finishing and partitioning as outlined in Schedule “D” on an “AS IS” basis and to consist of the following, 1.] Dropped “T”-bar ceiling with acoustical ceiling tiles and adequately recessed fluorescent lighting fixtures;
FINISHING booklet cut, folded, scored and double-stapled, packaged in labeled boxes of approximately fifty (50) booklets, with minimal space left in each box to facilitate stacking for storage. Storage capacity at the City and Xxxxxx County is very limited.
FINISHING. After the mixture has been initially compacted, the surface of the soil cement shall be shaped to the required lines, grades and cross-section. During the shaping operations, the surface shall be lightly scarified to loosen any imprints left by the compacting or shaping equipment, when deemed necessary. The resulting surface shall then be compacted to the specified density with a pneumatic tire roller. Rolling shall be supplemented by broom-dragging, if required. The moisture content of the surface material must be maintained at not less than its specified optimum moisture content during finishing operations. Surface compaction and finishing shall be done in such a manner as to produce a smooth, dense surface, free of surface compaction planes, cracks, ridges, or loose material. Surface-finishing methods may vary, provided a smooth, dense surface free of surface compaction planes is produced. The moisture and density requirements shall be determined by the methods prescribed in AASHTO T-134.
FINISHING. 3. Maintenance 7. Fashion
FINISHING. In a circle ask each person to describe how racism makes im or her feel PRAYER Ask God for forgiveness for racist actions and attitudes in ourselves and in our community. Ask God’s help in showing practical love to others, especially to those from a different race or country. EVALUATION (See appendix) Confli ct Transformation 64 Objectives To examine some of the dynamics involved in conflict To assist young people in thinking how they can best andle conflict aith Value Conflict is part of life and we will never live in a society or world without conflict. Xxxxx too lived in a conflict situation. The Gospels reflect various conflicts and it is helpful to examine how Xxxxx handled conflict. Xxxxx was a peacemaker and he taught the practice of peacemaking. Active non-violence and non-violent resistance were a large part of his strategy. His practice, which was public, was the practice of just peacemaking. Xxxxx was involved with hated Samaritans (Luke 10 & Xxxx 4). He challenged the Pharisees, who were not bad people but representatives of a religious system that oppressively controlled people. He opposed the Zealots use of violence to overthrow the hated Roman oppressors (Xxxxxxx 7) and challenged the state violence of the Roman Empire itself (Trial and crucifixion). In Xxxxxxx 18 he taught practical guidelines for resolving conflict. That these guidelines are in Matthew’s Gospel is an indication that Matthew’s church experienced conflict. The guidelines offer four steps to conflict transformation and with the affirmation that God is present with those who engage in the resolution and transformation of conflict (v20). Xxxxxxx 18 v 15-20, Xxxxxxx 7 v 1-5 Equipment Flipchart paper, markers, stand Sheets of paper, felt tip pens/crayons WELCOME WARM-UP (See appendix) INTRODUCTION Xxxx Xxxxxxxx, Community Conflict Skills, 1988 “Whenever individuals, groups or societies differ in what they are trying to achieve, or in the way they are trying to achieve it, there is conflict. It is a natural process and can be one of the most energising and productive factors in human progress. However, its consequences can also be very destructive.” ACTIVITY 1 onflict Associatio 5 min Put the word ‘Conflict’ on the flipchart and ask each participant to call out his or her first word they associate with it. Record these on the page. After there have been sufficient replies ask: What do you notice about the list? (eg. they are mostly negative, there are lots of emotions) ote: Althou...