Finishing Sample Clauses

Finishing. The Aircraft will be delivered to Buyer as follows:
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Finishing. The [*] will be delivered to Buyer as follows:
Finishing. 4.4.1 Remove protection; make good damage to this and adjacent work.
Finishing a) All interior surface shall have sand-cement finished with plaster of paris only.
Finishing. (i) The type of finish for formed concrete surfaces shall be as follows, unless varied by the Engineer.
Finishing. Sterilised bags are visually inspected for unusual appearance and packaged in cartons.
Finishing. (d) That the TENANT shall assume interior finishing and partitioning as outlined in Schedule “D” on an “AS IS” basis and to consist of the following, 1.] Dropped “T”-bar ceiling with acoustical ceiling tiles and adequately recessed fluorescent lighting fixtures;
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Finishing. Unless requested by Endo in writing to the contrary, DURECT shall supply to Endo for commercial distribution all (i) Product as Finished Product, and (ii) Implanters and, if Commercialized hereunder, Implant Kits in ready-for-sale form, including any labeling and other packaging materials approved by the JCC.
Finishing. Pass the finishing machine or approved screeding device over the existing deck prior to placing the concrete overlay in order that measurements can be made to insure that proper overlay thickness and steel cover is achieved. Equip screeds with surface vibrators sufficient to thoroughly consolidate the overlay full depth, unless other methods are approved by the Engineer. Perform consolidation using hand-held vibrators when placing the mixture around steel reinforcement or structural members.
Finishing. 4.4.1 Reinstate existing finishes internally and externally where affected by the work, matching new finishes to existing surfaces in quality and appearance.
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