Finishing Sample Clauses

Finishing. The Aircraft will be delivered to Buyers as follows:3.1 EXTERIOR FINISHING:The fuselage of the Aircraft shall be painted according to Buyer’s color and paint scheme which shall be supplied to Embraer by Buyer on or before six (6) months prior to the relevant Aircraft Contractual Delivery Date.The First Aircraft will be delivered to Buyer in June 2004 [*] such First Aircraft, [*]. The wings and the horizontal stabilizer of all Aircraft shall be supplied in the standard colors, i.e., gray BAC707.3.2 INTERIOR FINISHING:Buyer shall inform Embraer on or before [*] months prior to the relevant Aircraft Contractual Delivery Date of its choice of materials and colors of all and any item of interior finishing such as seat covers, carpet, floor lining on galley areas, side walls and overhead lining, galley lining and curtain. The above-mentioned schedule for definition of interior finishing shall only be applicable if Buyer selects its materials from the choices offered by and available at Embraer. In case Buyer opts to use different materials and or patterns, such schedule shall be mutually agreed between the Parties at the time of signature of the Purchase Agreement.3.3 BUYER FURNISHED AND BUYER INSTALLED EQUIPMENT (BFE and BIE):Buyer may choose to have carpets, tapestries, seat covers and curtain fabrics supplied to Embraer for installation in the Aircraft as BFE. Materials shall conform to the required standards and comply with all applicable regulations and airworthiness requirements. Delays in the delivery of BFE equipment or quality restrictions that prevent the installation thereof in the time frame required by the Aircraft manufacturing process shall entitle Embraer to either* Confidential
Finishing. Unless requested by Endo in writing to the contrary, DURECT shall supply to Endo for commercial distribution all (i) Product as Finished Product, and (ii) Implanters and, if Commercialized hereunder, Implant Kits in ready-for-sale form, including any labeling and other packaging materials approved by the JCC.
Finishing. Apply a minimum of four coats of floor finish, allowing sufficient drying time between each coat. The last coat only should be applied up to but not touching the baseboard. All other coats should be applied to within four inches of the baseboard. Note: Should there be more than eight hours delay before applying finish after the floor has been cleaned or between coats, the areas must again be cleaned to remove surface dirt and scuff marks before applying finish.
Finishing. Contractor will provide finishing Services to Company as part of the Manufacture of Products contemplated in this Agreement. The finishing Services will include, without limitation, labeling, inspecting, repairing, tagging and packaging. The finishing Services shall comply with written instructions Set forth on Schedule 2.2 attached hereto. Packing shall include placing the Finished Goods in a shipping carton, stretch wrapped, taped and stored on pallets. Company shall supply labels and cartons (“Finishing Materials”) to provide the finishing services. Finishing Materials and any raw or other materials provided by Company under this Agreement are included in the definition of “Materials.”
Finishing. NDT Level I certified Documented training on 100% of Operator I Finishing OperationsMaintain documented training on 100% of Operator I Finishing Operations