Fastening Sample Clauses

Fastening. The installation instructions at page 17-24 and at page 31 address
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Fastening. .1 Position items of finished carpentry work accurately, level, plumb, true and fasten or anchor securely, .2 Design and select fasteners to suit size and nature of components being joined. Use proprietary devices as recommended by manufacturer, .3 Replace items of finish carpentry with damage to wood surfaces including hammer and other bruises.
Fastening. Forms must contain standard high speed crimping along the right margin on multiple ply forms. Paper must be crimp fastened with a minimum of three crimps every two inches throughout the length of each form and must have either of the following: at least one crimp fastening through all papers per form, or fugitive gluing of all parts along the left hand margin.
Fastening. Unless otherwise stated, all connections to: • Concrete shall be chemically anchored • Brickwork shall be expansion bolts • Metal to metal connections shall be welded Carried Forward R Amount Brought Forward R
Fastening. Interior panels and trim shall be attached so that there are no exposed, unfinished, rough edges or rough surfaces. Panels and fasteners shall not be easily removable by passengers. Interior trim fasteners, where required, shall be rivets or cross-recessed head screws.
Fastening. All parts, including the carbon sheet, shall be permanent-glued at top stub. Parts 1 and 2 shall have temporary line-gluing that holds the book together at the bottom margin.
Fastening. College must not use any foreign material (i.e., any pin, nail, etc.) to fasten Exhibit for any Exhibition purpose.
Fastening. 1 Explosive actuated devices must not be used. DEVICES EXPLOSIVE ACTUATED
Fastening. 1. Install items straight, true, level, plumb, and firmly anchored in place; where blocking or backing is required, coordinate as necessary with other trades to ensure placement of required backing and blocking in a timely manner.
Fastening. 1. Whenever possible, secure metal by means of continuous clips or cleats without nailing through