Failure to Meet Goal Sample Clauses

Failure to Meet Goal. In the event the Project has not met the Local and Disadvantaged Hiring Goals during any quarterly reporting period, despite complying with the above Targeted Construction Hiring Program, Developer shall, upon request of the Coalition OrganizationsRepresentative, meet with the Coalition Organizations’ Representative and the Construction Jobs Coordinator within fourteen (14) days to discuss corrective actions.

Related to Failure to Meet Goal

  • Failure to Meet Timelines The time limits in this Article must be strictly adhered to unless mutually modified in writing. Failure by the Union to comply with the timelines will result in the automatic withdrawal of the grievance. Failure by the Employer to comply with the timelines will entitle the Union to move the grievance to the next step of the procedure.

  • Failure to Determine Values If the Borrower shall fail to determine the value of any Portfolio Investment as at any date pursuant to the requirements of the foregoing sub-clauses (A), (B) or (C), then the “Value” of such Portfolio Investment as at such date shall be deemed to be zero.

  • Failure to Make Payment In the event a participating Authorized User fails to make payment to the Contractor for Products delivered, accepted and properly invoiced, within thirty calendar days of such delivery and acceptance, the Contractor may, upon five business days advance written notice to both the Commissioner and the Authorized User’s purchasing official, suspend additional shipments of Product or provision of services to such entity until such time as reasonable arrangements have been made and assurances given by such entity for current and future Contract payments.

  • Failure to Return Failure of the employee to return pursuant to the date determined in this Section will constitute grounds for termination by the School District unless the School District and the employee mutually agree to an extension of the leave.

  • Failure to Maintain If Tenant fails to maintain any insurance coverage that Tenant is required to maintain under this Paragraph 21, and Landlord incurs any liability to its insurance carrier arising out of Tenant's failure to so maintain such insurance coverage, then any and all loss or damage Landlord shall sustain by reason thereof, including attorneys' fees and costs, shall be borne by Tenant and shall be immediately paid by Tenant upon its receipt of a bill xxxrefor and evidence of such loss. Nothing contained in this Paragraph 21.E shall be deemed to limit or affect any other remedies or rights available to Landlord under this Lease that arise from Tenant's failure to so maintain such insurance coverage.

  • Failure to Deliver Applicable

  • Failure to Report No compensation shall be granted for the total period of standby if the employee is unable to report for duty when required.

  • Failure to Defend If the Indemnifying Party, within a reasonable time after notice of any such Claim, fails to defend such Claim actively and in good faith, the Indemnified Party will (upon further notice) have the right to undertake the defense, compromise or settlement of such Claim or consent to the entry of a judgment with respect to such Claim, on behalf of and for the account and risk of the Indemnifying Party, and the Indemnifying Party shall thereafter have no right to challenge the Indemnified Party's defense, compromise, settlement or consent to judgment.

  • Failure to Maintain Financial Viability The System Agency may terminate the Contract if, in its sole discretion, the System Agency has a good faith belief that Grantee no longer maintains the financial viability required to complete the services and Deliverables, or otherwise fully perform its responsibilities under the Contract.

  • Effect of Failure to Deliver Timely Interest Election Request and Events of Default on Interest Election If the Borrower fails to deliver a timely Interest Election Request with respect to a Eurodollar Borrowing prior to the end of the Interest Period applicable thereto, then, unless such Borrowing is repaid as provided herein, at the end of such Interest Period such Borrowing shall be converted to an ABR Borrowing. Notwithstanding any contrary provision hereof, if an Event of Default has occurred and is continuing: (i) no outstanding Borrowing may be converted to or continued as a Eurodollar Borrowing (and any Interest Election Request that requests the conversion of any Borrowing to, or continuation of any Borrowing as, a Eurodollar Borrowing shall be ineffective) and (ii) unless repaid, each Eurodollar Borrowing shall be converted to an ABR Borrowing at the end of the Interest Period applicable thereto.