Failure to Report Sample Clauses

Failure to Report. No compensation shall be granted for the total period of standby if the employee is unable to report for duty when required.
Failure to Report. The refusal or failure of Contractor to file any required reports, or to provide required information to County, or the inclusion of any materially false or misleading statement or representation by Contractor in such report shall be deemed a Contractor default as described in Section 15.02, subject to the notice and cure provisions of that Section. Violation thereof shall subject Contractor to all remedies which are available to County under the agreement or otherwise.
Failure to Report. Any employees failing to report for duty pursuant to Articles A.24.1 or A.24.4 shall be considered to be absent without pay.
Failure to Report. Regardless of the length of continuous employment in District, any employee who fails to report to work for three (3) consecutive work days and also fails to notify the District that he/she will be absent, by telephoning his/her supervisor, or any other individual designated by the employer to receive reports of absence, shall be considered to have resigned from employment with the District unless the employee can demonstrate that he/she was unable to call due to total incapacitation (e.g., coma, amnesia, etc.). Any employee who has been granted a leave of absence under Article XI shall be exempt from this section. Notwithstanding the preceding exemption, any employee granted a leave of absence under Article XI shall be required to provide his/her supervisor with the expected date of return to work at the beginning of his/her leave and shall also be required to provide prompt notification to his/her supervisor if unable to return on the expected date.
Failure to Report. The failure or neglect of Grantee to file any of the reports or filings required under this Franchise or such other reports as the City may reasonably request (not including clerical errors or errors made in good faith), may, at the City 's option, be deemed a breach of this Franchise.
Failure to Report. An employee scheduled to work on a holiday but who fails to report shall not be eligible for a paid holiday, unless the employee has a reasonable explanation, acceptable to the County for failing to report.
Failure to Report. If Airline fails timely to furnish the Port with any Monthly Activity Report under subsections 8.20.1, 8.20.2 or Section 9.1, whichever may be applicable, Airline’s Landing Fees, Terminal Rents and any other charges due under this Agreement shall be determined by assuming that Airline’s activity in any month for which Airline has failed to report its activity equaled the Airline’s maximum activity during any of the previous twelve (12) months for which Airline submitted a Monthly Activity Report to the Port. Any necessary adjustments in the Airline’s charges shall be calculated after an accurate report is delivered to the Port by Airline for the month in question. Resulting credits or debits shall be applied to the appropriate invoices in the next billing period.
Failure to Report. (a) Employees who are scheduled to report for work on a holiday but fail to report for and perform such work for any reason other than illness verified by a doctor when so requested by the Employer, shall not be entitled to holiday pay.
Failure to Report. If there is a failure at any time by a Servicer to report and quantify the amount of Collections received or the amounts of any Advance Payments and/or the funds standing to the credit of the Seller Collection Account, Buyer Collection Account or Buyer Account in respect of any Settlement Period such that the amounts due by any Seller and the Buyer pursuant to Clauses 4(B), 4(C) and 12(C) cannot be accurately determined (in the Operating Agent's reasonable opinion), there will fall due from the relevant Seller to the Buyer on the Settlement Date at the end of such Settlement Period (on account of repayment of Advance Payments) an amount equal to the anticipated Collections in respect of such Settlement Period as determined by the Operating Agent, acting reasonably. For the purposes of this Clause 12(D), it shall be considered reasonable for the Operating Agent to anticipate that all Collections due during such Settlement Period were received by the relevant Servicer during such Settlement Period. The Buyer shall deposit such amount into the Temporary Adjustment Account. Upon the Operating Agent becoming satisfied that a proper assessment of the amounts due by way of repayment of Advance Payments has been made, there shall be an adjustment in accordance with such assessment, by way of repayment from the Buyer (provided the Termination Date has occurred) or by way of further payment by the relevant Seller, as required, and such adjusted sum shall be treated for all purposes under this Agreement as the Collections received during such Settlement Period. Provided that such failure by the relevant Servicer does not last longer than two consecutive Settlement Periods and the provisions of this Clause 12(D) are complied with, such failure shall not by itself constitute an Early Amortisation Event.
Failure to Report. When a Operator arrives late for work, or does not report in for work, the incident will be considered as a Failure to Report (F.T.R.). If the employee subsequently reports to the Operations Technician, DATS Administration will make every reasonable effort to assign work hours comparable to the Operator’s regular hours or regular route; however, there shall be no guarantee of hours or amount of work for the day.