Exhibition Rights Sample Clauses

Exhibition Rights. To the extent Sponsor booked and was granted exhibition rights at the Congress ("Exhibition Rights"), the following provisions shall apply to such Exhibition Rights (for purposes of this provision, Sponsor shall be referred to as "Exhibitor"):
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Exhibition Rights. The Short Film may be exhibited without compensation to the professional performers:
Exhibition Rights. Producer shall have the unlimited, perpetual right throughout the world to exhibit the Picture in whole or in part in theaters, on television, in supplemental markets (as defined in the SAG Agreement), on the Internet, and by any and all other methods now known or discovered in the future, subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement and of the SAG Agreement. Without limiting the foregoing, Producer may make and use and authorize others to use the Picture for audition, file, and reference purposes, and for audience previews and other screenings.
Exhibition Rights a. The Artist and Owner shall each have the right to exhibit and publish the Artwork provided that the following attribution is included anywhere that the work is presented: [Domain Name] [Year] by [Artist] Website, dimensions variable, duration infinite Unique Courtesy of [Owner]
Exhibition Rights. SAMPLE Producer shall have the right to exhibit the Picture theatrically. Should the initial release not be in the theatrical market, the picture shall remain a “theatrical motion picture” for all purposes of the Basic Agreement, as modified herein, and shall not be reclassified as a “Made for Pay” or “Free Television” motion picture. If the Picture is distributed outside of the theatrical market, residuals will be payable in accordance with General Provisions, Sections 5 and 5.2 and Sideletter 22 of the Basic Agreement.
Exhibition Rights. Any advertisement, commercial, motion picture or television film or filmstrip, live or recorded television or radio spot, or other production ordered hereunder will be exhibited or used by the Government or others on a non-sponsored or non-profit basis only. Proposals submitted hereunder shall include the cost of acquisition of only those rights and release instruments as are necessary for such non-sponsored or non-profit exhibitions.
Exhibition Rights. Licensor grants Licensee the right to film the Premises solely in connection with the production of the Program. Licensee, its successors, licensees and assigns shall own and have the right to use, broadcast, exhibit and otherwise exploit any and all scenes or any portions thereof filmed at and of the Premises, solely in connection with the Program and in connection with any advertising, publicity for or promotion of the Program throughout the universe, in perpetuity, and in all media now known or hereafter devised. In no event shall Licensor have the right to enjoin, restrain or otherwise impair the production, marketing, distribution, exhibition or exploitation of the Program.
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Exhibition Rights. Company grants to The CW all rights necessary to telecast, transmit and exhibit in the United States, its territories and possessions, including English-speaking Puerto Rico (collectively “Territory”), all Content which Company provides for inclusion in the Block (including without limitation, national advertisements and promotional content).
Exhibition Rights. By payment of the rates listed in Section 2 above, the Producer obtains all rights, in perpetuity, to exhibit and distribute the dubbed motion picture in any medium.
Exhibition Rights 
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