Exclusive Owner Sample Clauses

Exclusive Owner. Seller represents and warrants that Seller is the exclusive owner of the Goods and/or Services, or otherwise has the legal right and power to grant to Buyer and its affiliates the License granted hereunder without violating any rights of any third party.
Exclusive Owner. Landlord acknowledges that Knights of Columbus, a Connecticut non-stock corporation (“Knights of Columbus”), which received its corporate charter from the General Assembly of the State of Connecticut in 1882, the year of its founding, is the exclusive owner of the registered and unregistered trademarks and service marks of Knights of Columbus, including the name and xxxx “KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS,” “K of C,” and the “K of C DESIGN EMBLEM” (collectively, the “Marks”). Landlord shall not use, and has no right to use, the Marks in any manner whatsoever, including in its corporate or entity name, signage, or in connection with the promotion of any product or service, on its website, on any social media platform, or with respect to any third-party activities, including third-party rentals of Landlord’s facilities.
Exclusive Owner. Licensor is duly authorized to grant the licenses, covenants and other rights hereunder. Licensee acknowledges that Licensor or its Affiliates are the sole and exclusive owners of the Licensed Mxxx, the Phase-Out M&E Licensed Mxxx, the Amex Trademarks, and the Licensed Domain Names and Licensor and its Affiliates retain all right, title and interest associated therewith. Licensee shall execute any documents requested by Licensor to confirm Licensor’s ownership of its rights in and to the Licensed Mxxx, the Phase-Out M&E Licensed Mxxx, the Amex Trademarks and the Licensed Domain Names. Licensee shall not gain any right, title or interest therein or thereto by virtue of this limited license or any use thereby. All goodwill associated with the use of the Licensed Mxxx and the Phase-Out M&E Licensed Mxxx shall inure to the sole benefit of Licensor or its Affiliates.

Related to Exclusive Owner

  • Exclusive Negotiations The Judicial Branch will not bargain collectively or meet with any employee organization other than MSEA with reference to terms and conditions of employment of employees covered by this Agreement. If any such organizations request meetings they will be advised by the Judicial Branch to transmit their requests concerning terms and conditions of employment to MSEA.

  • Exclusive Rights Enter into or amend any agreements pursuant to which any other party is granted exclusive marketing or other exclusive rights of any type or scope with respect to any of its products or technology;

  • Exclusive Property The Executive confirms that all protected information is and shall remain the exclusive property of the Company Group. All business records, papers and documents kept or made by the Executive relating to the business of the Company shall be and remain the property of the Company Group.

  • Exclusive Agreement This is the entire Agreement between Contractor and Client.

  • Exclusive Procedure The grievance procedure set out above shall be exclusive and shall replace any other grievance procedure for adjustment of any disputes arising from the application and interpretation of this Agreement.

  • Exclusive Right Recognizing that the Union is required by the provisions of the State of Minnesota Labor Relations Act to be the sole bargaining representative of all the employees within the coverage of this Agreement, without regard to membership in the Union, the District hereby agrees that it will not recognize nor negotiate with any other person, association group, committee or entity other than the Union with respect to such matters and will deal solely through the agency of and with the Union.

  • Exclusive Dealing During the period from the date of this Agreement until the earlier of the Closing Date or the termination of this Agreement in accordance with its terms, the Company shall not take, nor shall it permit any of its officers, directors, representatives, consultants, financial advisors, attorneys, accountants or other agents to: (a) solicit, initiate discussions or engage in negotiations with any Person (whether such negotiations are initiated by the Company, a third party or otherwise), other than Purchaser or its Affiliates, relating to the possible acquisition of any material portion of the equity or assets of the Company (whether by way of merger, purchase of equity, purchase of assets, loan or otherwise) or a refinancing or recapitalization of the Company (an “Acquisition Transaction”); (b) provide non-public information or documentation with respect to the Company to any Person, other than Purchaser or its Affiliates or its or their representatives, relating to an Acquisition Transaction; or (c) negotiate or enter into any definitive agreement with any Person, other than Purchaser or its Affiliates effecting an Acquisition Transaction. The Company shall promptly (and in any event within three Business Days after receipt thereof by the Company or Company’s representatives) advise Purchaser in writing of any inquiry, offer or proposal with respect to any possible Acquisition Transaction by any third party, including the material terms and conditions of such inquiry, offer or proposal, and the identity of the Person making the same.

  • Exclusive License North America has herein granted an exclusive license to the Operator together with its Know-how, technical experience and training program for the exploitation of the Insituform process within and throughout the defined Territory. If, despite North America's best efforts to maintain the exclusivity of its licenses and defend its Patent, Trademark and Copyright protections, such exclusivity and/or protections should be terminated for any reason whatsoever, the Operator hereunder is nevertheless obligated to comply in full with each and every term and condition of this agreement, including, but not limited to, the payment of Royalties to North America and the maintenance of high standards of quality and service.

  • Exclusive Use (A) After the Occupancy Date, Lessee expressly agrees and warrants that the Leased Premises will be used exclusively as a Champps Restaurant or other casual dining sit-down restaurant. In any other such case, after obtaining Lessor's prior written consent, such consent not to be unreasonably withheld or delayed, Lessee may conduct any lawful business from the Leased Premises. Lessee acknowledges and agrees that any other use without the prior written consent of Lessor will constitute a default under and a violation and breach of this Lease. Lessee agrees: To open for business within a reasonable period of time after completion of construction of the contemplated Improvements; to operate all of the Leased Premises during the Term or Renewal Terms during regular and customary hours for businesses similar to the permitted exclusive use stated herein, unless prevented from doing so by causes beyond Lessee's control or due to remodeling; and to conduct its business in a professional and reputable manner.

  • Contract Rights Not Exclusive The rights to payment of Indemnifiable Amounts and advancement of Indemnifiable Expenses provided by this Agreement shall be in addition to, but not exclusive of, any other rights which Indemnitee may have at any time under applicable law, the Company’s Certificate of Incorporation or By-laws, or any other agreement, vote of stockholders or directors (or a committee of directors), or otherwise, both as to action in Indemnitee’s official capacity and as to action in any other capacity as a result of Indemnitee’s serving as a director or officer of the Company.