EXCLUDES Sample Clauses

EXCLUDES. 1. Patch or line cords, extension of line circuits from MPOE, network equipment or actuation.
EXCLUDES. All non-tenure track librarians employed by ISU; • All non-tenure track employees of ISU employed at the Mennonite College of Nursing; • All full-time and part-time non-tenure track ISU faculty who are retirees and hold emeritus status; • The position of Director of Media Relations; • All ISU employees who hold the position of Department Head or Department Chair; • All full-time and part-time non-tenure track faculty employed by ISU who meet the definition ofshort-term” employee as that term is defined in Section 2(q) of the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Act, 115 ILCS 5/1et seq. (2000); and • All other persons employed by ISU.
EXCLUDES o Conductor replacement with ABC when the asset have not reached the end of its service life. o Meter replacement done as part of the pole replacement works. o Crossarm replacement to a value less than $500 covered in Distribution Line Maintenance.
EXCLUDES. (i) the then aggregate undrawn face amount of all then outstanding letters of credit issued on behalf of, or for the account or benefit of, the Company and/or any of its Subsidiaries, (but the aggregate amount of drawings under such letters of credit that have not then been reimbursed shall not be so excluded), and (ii) the principal amount of any capital instrument entered into in connection with Funds at Lloyd’s. For the avoidance of doubt, Consolidated Total Debt shall not include Hybrid Capital
EXCLUDES o Replacement of any of the above assets with new assets.
EXCLUDES. All types of wall and window units, registers and grills, condenser casings, filters, coil cleaning and water tow- ers. NHG is not liable for any roof damage on roof mounted units, removal of patios or landscaping and proper installation of concrete slab(s). Excludes AC units rated over 5 tons ca- pacity. NHG will pay up to $10 per pound, per occurrence for refrigerant; customer is responsible for any amount over that. Inaccessible or non-visible coil lines. Condensation pump. NHG reserves the right to determine coverage on any unit older than 20 years old. HEAT PUMP INCLUDES: Same coverage and maximums as Central Heating System. EXCLUDES: Same as Central Air Conditioning above. WELL PUMP INCLUDES: All parts and components or well pump utilized for main residence only. Maximum coverage or $500 less ap- plicable deductible(s). EXCLUDES: Pressure and storage tanks, well casings, exterior electrical lines or piping, pulling pump or redrilling of wells. SWIMMING POOL EQUIPMENT OR SPA EQUIPMENT INCLUDES: Components and parts of the circulation pump, cir- culator pump controls and gauges, motor, filter tank, gaskets, relays, impellers, back flush valves and above ground plumbing lines running to and from pool or spa. Any unit 10 years or older will be subject to an approved inspection by NHG. EXCLUDES: Concrete encased or underground plumbing and electrical lines, heaters, liners, lights, code violations, structural defects, solar heaters, cleaning equipment, filters and pool sweeps, portable units and their respective components, pool covers and any auxiliary motors or pumps. INCLUDES: Interior Whirlpool or Jacuzzi type tub components: includes tub, circulation system (including piping, pump/motor, inlets or outlets), electrical controls and wiring. EXCLUDES: Gaining or closing access route. KITCHEN REFRIGERATOR & FREEZER INCLUDES: All parts and components. Maximum limit of $2,000. EXCLUDES: Shelves, racks, ice makers, ice crushers, liquid and ice dispensers and their respective components, interior ther- mal shells, food spoilage, plastic mini tubs, agent dispensers, knobs, interior electrical system dials and sealed systems. Any refrigerator less than 10 cu ft. CLOTHES WASHER INCLUDES: All parts and components. EXCLUDES: Agent dispensers, filler screens. knobs and dials, damage to clothing, interior drums, structurally connected stackable units. CLOTHES DRYER INCLUDES: All parts and components. EXCLUDES: Lint screens, venting, knobs and dials, damage to cloth...
EXCLUDES. Meter & timeswitch maintenance and replacement of overhead services with underground supply covered in Meter & Service replacement.
EXCLUDES. 1) Preliminary analyses;