Essential Sample Clauses

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Essential. 1/ This equipment is for indoor home and domestic / personal use only - Not for commercial use 2/ Always wear clean running shoes (other footwear may cause injury & damage the belt) 3/ To commence use: *Stand on side of machine *Access machine as shown in user manual; *Turn machine on and adjust speed/level to your preference 4/ Only use speeds/levels you can handle, higher speeds/levels may cause injuries 5/ Ensure there are no objects near the machine which could hurt you should you fall 6/ Do not apply your body weight onto the pulse handles (lightly grip them) Use the side hand rails to stabilise your body position
Essential. Experience for this position should be broad based, but most particularly in the following areas: - Experience in contract and project management - Experience in design and contract preparation and management - Experience in tendering and procurement - Experience in formulating and managing budgets - Experience in water and waste water operations and management - Experience in landfill and solid waste disposal - Experience in planning, building, development and property management - Leadership and Management of staff. - OHS&W, Rehabilitation and Claims Management with an Exempt WorkCover employer. - Risk Management experience. Desirable - Extensive experience in a management role in Local Government. - Project Management.
Essential. TEC (PVT) LTD 458-K MODEL TOWN, EXT, LAHRORE hereinafter called the LESSEE, which shall unless repugnant to the context means and include here legal heirs, executor, administrators and assignees, party of the OTHER PART.
Essential. COM, INC. BY: /s/ Akhil Garland ------------------------------------ Signature Akhil Garland ------------------------------------ Name (Printed) ITS: CEO ------------------------------------ Title
Essential. COM, INC. LESSOR: COMDISCO, INC. Admin. Contact/Phone No.: Address for all Notices: Contact: _______________________ 6111 North River Road Phone: (781) 229-9599 Rosemont, Illinois 60018 Fax: (781) 229-9499 Attn.: Venture Group Address for Notices: 3 Burlington Woods Drive 4th Floor Burlington, MA 01803 Central Billing Location: Rent Interval: Monthly Same as above Attn.:
Essential com. assumes the responsibility of notifying BellSouth regarding less than standard operations with respect to services provided by
Essential. C11.4 The supplier must be responsible for transition between old and new control rooms and/or any ‘down time’ to necessitate the transfer. This is to be managed in conjunction with the Authority. Essential
Essential. A full-time registered student at the University of Brighton for the academic year 2021/22. • Personal Characteristics: approachable, non-judgmental, pro-active, tactful, patient, empathetic and supportive. • An understanding of a range of difficulties that student residents may experience. • An understanding of the importance of building effective working relationships with others. • An understanding of the need for confidentiality, sensitive to the needs of others. • An ability to demonstrate effective team work. • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, with an ability to communicate with a wide range of people on different levels. • Must not have a University disciplinary record. • Arrangements must be made to pay any existing debt to the University prior to commencing the role. • Can provide a reference from an academic tutor, demonstrating a satisfactory engagement with studies.