Equipment Growth Sample Clauses

Equipment Growth. Upon the anniversary of each contract year during the term of this contract, upon the applicable Eligible User‘s request, Service Provider will prepare an amendment to the applicable Recovery Services agreement, increasing the contracted-for MIPS, memory and or disk capacity contracted for on the applicable Recovery Services agreement as of its Commencement Date, by up to ten percent (10%), at no additional Monthly Fee. Such increase in contracted capacity shall be cumulative, if capacity is not utilized in a prior contract year(s), but is subject to availability in Service Provider‘s then installed inventory, and shall become effective upon the execution amendment to the applicable Recovery Service agreement. If an Eligible User‘s requested increase is above their available growth percentage, Service Provider will guarantee any applicable price increase is not greater in overall percentage than that of the difference (i.e. 10% free growth available, need 15%, the applicable overall monthly price increase will not exceed 5%).

Related to Equipment Growth

  • Equipment, Etc Each Grantor shall, (i) within ten (10) days after a written request by the Administrative Agent, in the case of Equipment now owned, and (ii) following a request by the Administrative Agent pursuant to subclause (i) above, within ten (10) days after acquiring any other Equipment, deliver to the Administrative Agent, any and all certificates of title, and applications therefor, if any, of such Equipment and shall cause the Administrative Agent to be named as lienholder on any such certificate of title and applications. No Grantor shall permit any such items to become a fixture to real estate or an accession to other personal property unless such real estate or personal property is the subject of a fixture filing (as defined in the UCC) creating a first priority perfected Lien in favor of the Administrative Agent.

  • Equipment Use Lessee agrees that the Equipment will be operated by competent, qualified personnel in connection with Lessee's business for the purpose for which the Equipment was designed and in accordance with applicable operating instructions, laws, and government regulations, and that Lessee shall use all reasonable precautions to prevent loss or damage to the Equipment from fire and other hazards. Lessee shall procure and maintain in effect all orders, licenses, certificates, permits, approvals, and consents required by federal, state, or local laws or by any governmental body, agency, or authority in connection with the delivery, installation, use, and operation of the Equipment.

  • Year 2000 Compatibility Take all actions reasonably necessary to assure that Borrower's computer based systems are able to operate and effectively process data which includes dates on and after January 1, 2000. At the request of the Administrative Agent, the Borrower shall provide reasonable assurances satisfactory to the Administrative Agent of the Borrower's Year 2000 compatibility.

  • Capital Equipment Collaborator’s commitment, if any, to provide ICD with capital equipment to enable the research and development activities under the Research Plan appears in Appendix B. If Collaborator transfers to ICD the capital equipment or provides funds for ICD to purchase it, then ICD will own the equipment. If Collaborator loans capital equipment to ICD for use during the CRADA, Collaborator will be responsible for paying all costs and fees associated with the transport, installation, maintenance, repair, removal, or disposal of the equipment, and ICD will not be liable for any damage to the equipment.

  • Equipment and Software To use the Mobile Remote Deposit Services, you must obtain and maintain at your expense, compatible equipment and software that we may specify from time to time.

  • Equipment Procurement If responsibility for construction of the Connecting Transmission Owner’s Attachment Facilities or System Upgrade Facilities or System Deliverability Upgrades is to be borne by the Connecting Transmission Owner, then the Connecting Transmission Owner shall commence design of the Connecting Transmission Owner’s Attachment Facilities or System Upgrade Facilities or System Deliverability Upgrades and procure necessary equipment as soon as practicable after all of the following conditions are satisfied, unless the Developer and Connecting Transmission Owner otherwise agree in writing:

  • Office Equipment The Employer will attempt to supply reasonable and adequate office equipment (to include work stations) and will consult with the COPE employees prior to purchasing and introducing new or upgraded equipment for the office. It shall be the Employer's responsibility to ensure that all office equipment meets all WCB and Federal Government safety standards. Upon employee request, on an annual basis all equipment shall be tested to ensure it meets the safety standard (to include VDT equipment for radiation emissions and screen clarity). The Employer shall provide instruction in the safe and proper usage of all office equipment The Employer shall ensure that employees operating VDTs continuously shall have a ten (10) minute change of duty in each hour of continuous operation.

  • Industry Troubleshooter Where a difference arises between the parties relating to the dismissal, discipline, or suspension of an employee, or to the interpretation, application, operation, or alleged violation of this Agreement, including any question as to whether a matter is arbitrable, during the term of the Collective Agreement, Xxxxx XxXxxxxxxx, Xxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx, or a substitute agreed to by the parties, shall at the request of either party:

  • Loop Provisioning Involving Integrated Digital Loop Carriers 2.6.1 Where Talk America has requested an Unbundled Loop and BellSouth uses Integrated Digital Loop Carrier (IDLC) systems to provide the local service to the end user and BellSouth has a suitable alternate facility available, BellSouth will make such alternative facilities available to Talk America. If a suitable alternative facility is not available, then to the extent it is technically feasible, BellSouth will make alternative arrangements available to Talk America (e.g. hairpinning).

  • Generating Facility 4.1 Ownership The Generating Facility shall be owned by Seller.