Enclosure Sample Clauses

Enclosure. The volume of the Enclosure and the above ground portion of its pad as shown in the Site Plan is cubic feet. The location, size, and appearance of the related ground- based equipment (radios, batteries, etc.), enclosures, cabinets, and pedestals shall be as follows:
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Enclosure. III Scanned copy of complete Company profile with details such as:
Enclosure. The programmable load control DCU enclosure shall be made of UV stabilized, high impact strength plastic. The enclosure shall be NEMA 3R rated. All electronics shall be mounted in a removable door for ease of maintenance. The door shall be double hinged and shall have a dual point latching mechanism. Provisions shall be made for securing the cover with 4 screws and a meter seal.
Enclosure. The use of rigid, durable construction materials that are mechanically fastened to the substrate to act as a barrier between the LBP and the environment.
Enclosure. 3.1 Phase shall be enclosed in weather proof, dust-tight, enclosure of sheet steel fabricated type conforming to degree of protection of IP 55.
Enclosure. An enclosure consists of the construction of a physical barrier, typically constructed from drywall or metal sheeting. This option is applicable in situations where the removal of materials with asbestos is not practicable, is of a high financial cost, or where damage is likely to occur without a protective barrier. Where the installation of the barrier is likely to disturb the asbestos-containing materials, the work must be performed in isolation from the building's normal environment.
Enclosure. The NRC staff notes that Total System Performance Assessment and Integration (TSPAI) Agreement 2.02 (Items 78, J-25, and J-26) reference either SDS Agreement 1.02 and/or 2.03. It is the NRC staff’s understanding that these items will be addressed in separate DOE correspondence, therefore, the NRC staff has not addressed them in this enclosure.
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Enclosure. Seal certificate of DGP; copy of Receiving Account The Shares being loaned hereunder are “restricted securities” within the meaning of applicable U.S. securities laws and may not be sold or transferred unless registered under U.S. securities laws or an exemption is available. The Borrower understands and acknowledges that no registration is in effect with respect to any potential sale or transfer, and the exemption for resales provided by Rule 144 under the Securities Act of 1933 is not currently available. Therefore, the ability to sell or transfer the Shares will be very limited. Any matters not specified in this Agreement may be added or changed by mutual agreement of the parties. In witness whereof, this Agreement is made in duplicate, signed and stamped by CBI USA and DGP, with a copy to each party.
Enclosure. The construction of an airtight, impermeable, permanent barrier surrounding the ACM to prevent the release of asbestos fibers into the air.
Enclosure. If there are enclosures, write your detail below and what you write in there have the same effect. Owner (The first party) Contractor (The Second Party) PT HANDSOME PT INDOKOR Park sang youll
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