Duties of the Corporation Sample Clauses

Duties of the Corporation a. The Corporation shall furnish to the Distributor copies of all information, financial statements and other papers that the Distributor may reasonably request for use in connection with the distribution of Class A Shares, and this shall include, upon request by the Distributor, one certified copy of all financial statements prepared for the Corporation by independent public accountants. The Corporation shall make available to the Distributor such number of copies of the Fund's prospectus and statement of additional information as the Distributor shall reasonably request.
Duties of the Corporation. The Corporation covenants and agrees that it will:
Duties of the Corporation. (a) The Corporation reserves the right at any time to withdraw offering Shares of any or all Series by written notice to the Distributor at its principal office.
Duties of the Corporation. (a) The Corporation agrees to sell the Shares so long as it has Shares available for sale and to cause the Series' transfer and shareholder servicing agent to record on its books the ownership of (or deliver certificates, if any, for) such Shares registered in such names and amounts as the Distributor has requested in writing or other means of data transmission, as promptly as practicable after receipt by the Corporation of the net asset value thereof and written request of the Distributor therefor.
Duties of the Corporation. The Corporation shall:
Duties of the Corporation. Until the Termination, the Corporation shall, at its own expense:
Duties of the Corporation. The Corporation:
Duties of the Corporation. In order for the Adviser to perform the services required by this Agreement, the Corporation (i) shall cause all service providers to the Corporation to furnish information to the Adviser, and assist the Adviser as may be required and (ii) shall ensure that the Adviser has reasonable access to all records and documents maintained by the Corporation or any service provider to the Corporation.
Duties of the Corporation. The Corporation shall provide the Consultant, ------------------------- on a regular and timely basis, with all approved data and information about the Corporation, its subsidiaries, its management, its products and services and its operations as shall be reasonably requested by the Consultant, and shall advise the Consultant of any facts which would affect the accuracy of any data and information previously supplied pursuant to this paragraph.