Distinct Unit Sample Clauses

Distinct Unit. The contractor shall establish a distinct fraud and abuse unit, separate from the contractor's utilization review and quality of care functions. The unit can either be part of the contractor's corporate structure, or operate under contract with the contractor. The unit shall be staffed with individuals with the qualifications and an investigator-to-beneficiary ratio consistent, at a minimum, with the Department of Banking and Insurance requirements for fraud units within health insurance carriers or greater ratio as needed to meet the demands.
Distinct Unit. The contractor shall establish a distinct fraud and abuse unit, solely dedicated to the detection and investigation of fraud and abuse by its New Jersey Medicaid and NJ FamilyCare beneficiaries and providers. It shall be separate from the contractor’s utilization review and quality of care functions. The unit can either be part of the contractor’s corporate structure, or operate under contract with the contractor.

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Unbundled Voice Loops (UVL) may be provisioned using any type of facility that will support voice grade services. This may include loaded copper, non-loaded copper, digital loop carrier systems, fiber or a combination of any of these facilities. BellSouth, in the normal course of maintaining, repairing, and configuring its network, may also change the facilities that are used to provide any given voice grade circuit. This change may occur at any time. In these situations, BellSouth will only ensure that the newly provided facility will support voice grade services. BellSouth will not guarantee that Momentum will be able to continue to provide any advanced services over the new facility. BellSouth will offer UVL in two different service levels - Service Level One (SL1) and Service Level Two (SL2).
Components (a) If the Aircraft Lease Agreement specifies Minimum Component Flight Hours and/or Minimum Component Cycles, each Airframe Flight Hour and Cycle controlled Hard Time Component (other than the APU) shall have not less than the Minimum Component Flight Hours and the Minimum Component Cycles of life remaining to the next scheduled removal, in accordance with the Lessee's Maintenance Program and shall be supported by appropriate certification documentation indicating TSN, CSN, TSO and CSO such as FAA form 8130-1; for this purpose "Hard Time Component" means any component which has a limited on-wing life in accordance with the Manufacturer's Maintenance Planning Document and which can have life fully restored through appropriate maintenance;
Unit The fractional undivided interest in and ownership of an individual Trust Fund equal initially to 1/(the number of Units of fractional undivided interest outstanding) provided in the Statement of Condition in the Prospectus for the Trust Fund, the denominator of which fraction shall be (1) increased by the number of any additional Units issued pursuant to Section 2.03 hereof and (2) decreased by the number of any such Units redeemed as provided in Section 5.02. Whenever reference is made herein to the "interest" of a Unitholder in the Trust Fund or in the Income or Capital Accounts, it shall mean such fractional undivided interest represented by the number of Units, whether or not evidenced by a Certificate or Certificates, held of record by such Unitholder in such Trust Fund.
Unbundled Network Element Combinations 4.1 For purposes of this Section, references to “Currently Combined” Network Elements shall mean that the particular Network Elements requested by NewPhone are in fact already combined by BellSouth in the BellSouth network. References to “
Unbundled Network Elements 35.4.1. The charges that CLEC shall pay to Sprint for Unbundled Network Elements are set forth in Table One of this Agreement. 35.5. Collocation
Unbundled Loops 2.1.1 BellSouth agrees to offer access to unbundled loops pursuant to the following terms and conditions and at the rates set forth in Attachment 11.
The FTPS Unit Servicing Agent shall transmit to each FTPS Unit holder of record any notice or other communication received from the Trustee and shall be solely responsible for soliciting and transmitting to the Trustee any notice required from FTPS Unit holders.
Units Interests in the Partnership shall be represented by Units. The Units initially are comprised of one Class: Class A Units. The General Partner may establish, from time to time in accordance with such procedures as the General Partner shall determine from time to time, other Classes, one or more series of any such Classes, or other Partnership securities with such designations, preferences, rights, powers and duties (which may be senior to existing Classes and series of Units or other Partnership securities), as shall be determined by the General Partner, including (i) the right to share in Profits and Losses or items thereof; (ii) the right to share in Partnership distributions; (iii) the rights upon dissolution and liquidation of the Partnership; (iv) whether, and the terms and conditions upon which, the Partnership may or shall be required to redeem the Units or other Partnership securities (including sinking fund provisions); (v) whether such Unit or other Partnership security is issued with the privilege of conversion or exchange and, if so, the terms and conditions of such conversion or exchange; (vi) the terms and conditions upon which each Unit or other Partnership security will be issued, evidenced by certificates and assigned or transferred; (vii) the method for determining the Total Percentage Interest as to such Units or other Partnership securities; and (viii) the right, if any, of the holder of each such Unit or other Partnership security to vote on Partnership matters, including matters relating to the relative designations, preferences, rights, powers and duties of such Units or other Partnership securities. Except as expressly provided in this Agreement to the contrary, any reference to “Units” shall include the Class A Units and any other Classes that may be established in accordance with this Agreement. All Units of a particular Class shall have identical rights in all respects as all other Units of such Class, except in each case as otherwise specified in this Agreement.
Unit Price Unless the bidder clearly indicates that the price is based on consideration of being awarded the entire lot and that an adjustment to the price was made based on receiving the entire bid, any difference between the unit price correctly extended and the total price shown for all items shall be offered shall be resolved in favor of the unit price.
Unbundled Copper Sub-Loop (UCSL) is a copper facility of any length provided from the cross-box in the field up to and including the end-user’s point of demarcation. If available, this facility will not have any intervening equipment such as load coils between the end-user and the cross-box.