Destroying Sample Clauses

Destroying. Upon award of tenure original student evaluation forms will be destroyed by HR.
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Destroying. Users are not required to destroy electronic media that contain UCNI. Disks should be overwritten using approved software before they are discarded. Hard copy UCNI documents are to be destroyed by shredding in an approved shredder (cross-cut particles no larger than ¼ inch wide and 2 inches long). SUBCONTRACTOR shall coordinate with the Classified Matter Protection and Control Team through the RLM or STR/AdSTR to properly destroy UCNI information.

Related to Destroying

  • Furnishing of Documents The Owner Trustee shall furnish to the Certificateholders, promptly upon receipt of a written request therefor, duplicates or copies of all reports, notices, requests, demands, certificates, financial statements and any other instruments furnished to the Owner Trustee under the Basic Documents.

  • Reproduction of Documents This Agreement and all schedules, exhibits, attachments and amendments hereto may be reproduced by any photographic, photostatic, microfilm, micro-card, miniature photographic or other similar process. The parties hereto each agree that any such reproduction shall be admissible in evidence as the original itself in any judicial or administrative proceeding, whether or not the original is in existence and whether or not such reproduction was made by a party in the regular course of business, and that any enlargement, facsimile or further reproduction shall likewise be admissible in evidence.

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