Contrary to Sample Clauses

Contrary to. Article 3.1 and 3.2, the parties furthermore agree as follows: Article 3.1 and 3.2 applies to levels 6 and 7. For level 5 and possibly level 4 to be leased as additional space, the first lease period ends on 30 September 2007 in accordance with Article 3.1. Contrary to Article 3.2, it applies to levels 4 and 5 that the lessee has an option on additional lease periods of 2 and subsequently 3 years. initials lessor Page 2 of 13 initials lessee With respect to the second lease period, the lessor gives the lessee the opportunity (if leased before 30 September 2007) to terminate the agreement for level 5 and level 6/7 separately (this means each one separately) at the end of the above-mentioned lease periods, subject to a notice period of six months, however, in such a way that consecutive floors always remain. 3.3 This agreement may be terminated by giving notice by the end of a lease period with due observance of at least six months. 3.4 Termination may only occur by means of a writ or by registered letter. 3.5 Premature termination of this agreement is possible under one of the circumstances referred to in Article 7 of the General Conditions. Payment obligations, period of payment 4.1 The lessee will be obliged to make the following payments: •rent; •rent for the parking spaces; •payment for the additional supplies and services plus the turnover tax payable thereon; •advance levy for the individual consumption of electricity in the leased space; •turnover tax due on the rent or an agreed amount in accordance with 15.2 and 15.3 of the General Conditions, at least if the parties have agreed that the rent is to be subject to turnover tax; 4.2 The rent amounts on an annual basis to EUR 636,812.50 (in words: six hundred and thirty-six thousand eight hundred and twelve euros and fifty cents). 4.3 The rent will be adjusted annually on 1 July, for the first time on 1 July 2003, and so on in accordance with Article 4.1 and 4.2 of the General Conditions. 4.3.1
Contrary to. Article 4.1, the price of flat linen and of cleaning cloths and absorption mats shall be determined per item. Flat linen, cleaning cloths and absorption mats shall be invoiced monthly according to actual consumption, with a minimum invoice amounting to the agreed rotation stock times one. In addition, the total stock of flat linen delivered shall be invoiced upon the first delivery.

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  • Invoicing; Payment 13.1 The agreed prices are net of any applicable value-added tax. Invoices are to be issued for deliveries made and services provided. These invoices shall comply with the relevant statutory invoicing requirements according to the national value-added tax legislations to which the deliveries / services being invoiced are subject. If self-billing (evaluated receipt settlement) is agreed, the Contractor must transfer to the Principal all data required as per the applicable value-added tax legislation specified in advance.

  • Pursuant to Section 2.1 of this Agreement, the Seller conveyed to the Trust all of the Seller’s right, title and interest in its rights and benefits, but none of its obligations or burdens, under the Purchase Agreement including the Seller’s rights under the Purchase Agreement and the delivery requirements, representations and warranties and the cure or repurchase obligations of AmeriCredit thereunder. The Seller hereby represents and warrants to the Trust that such assignment is valid, enforceable and effective to permit the Trust to enforce such obligations of AmeriCredit under the Purchase Agreement. Any purchase by AmeriCredit pursuant to the Purchase Agreement shall be deemed a purchase by the Seller pursuant to this Section 3.2 and the definition of Purchased Receivable.