CONFORMANCE Sample Clauses

CONFORMANCE. If any provision of this contract violates any statute or rule of law of the state of Washington, it is considered modified to conform to that statute or rule of law.
CONFORMANCE. To confirm conformance with the ASTM performance requirements, the Contractor must be able to provide either published literature or certification from an independent laboratory proving that the fuel has passed the ASTM test requirements described above. The certification shall indicate that the furnished fuel has passed the criteria listed in the ASTM D 4814 specification, list the resultant values of each required test, and compare those values with the required ASTM performance criteria.
CONFORMANCE. The parties agree to amend the Agreement, as appropriate, to conform to any new or revised legislation, rules and regulations to which is subject now or in the future including, without limitation, the Privacy Standards, Security Standards or Transactions Standards (collectively “Laws”). If within ninety (90) days of either party first providing written notice to the other of the need to amend the Agreement to comply with Laws, the parties, acting in good faith, are i) unable to mutually agree upon and make amendments or alterations to the Agreement to meet the requirements in question, or ii) alternatively, the parties determine in good faith that amendments or alterations to the requirements are not feasible, then either party may terminate the Agreement upon thirty (30) days prior written notice.
CONFORMANCE. Any individual contract between the Board and an individual employee hereinafter executed shall be subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement and properly executed Memoranda of Agreements. If such an individual contract contains language contrary to this Agreement or properly executed Memoranda of Agreements, these collectively bargained Agreements during their duration shall be controlling.
CONFORMANCE. If any provision of this agreement violates any statute or rule of law of the State of Washington, it is considered modified to conform to that statute or rule of law. BATES TECHNICAL COLLEGE CONSULTANT AGREEMENT (page 5)
CONFORMANCE. Except as otherwise provided in a Program Schedule, Virage Logic warrants, for a period of ninety (90) days from the date Virage Logic delivers the Licensed Materials to Licensee, , that the Licensed Materials will substantially and materially conform to the Specifications. The foregoing warranty does not apply to any element of the Licensed Materials that has been modified outside the Specifications or used outside the Specifications as set forth in the applicable Program Schedule.
CONFORMANCE. A. Samples submitted shall be deemed approved if written notice of rejection is not received within two weeks after date of submittal.
CONFORMANCE. All Parts will be assured by Rolls-Royce through the maintenance of procedures, systems and records approved by the Airworthiness Authority. An Authorised Release Certificate will be issued by Rolls-Royce.