Commodities Sample Clauses

Commodities. 1. The Parties recognise the need to ensure a better operation of international commodity markets and to increase market transparency.
Commodities. Commodity based investments, whether made by investing directly in physical commodities, for example gold, or by investing in companies whose business is substantially concerned with commodities or through commodity linked products, may be impacted by a variety of political, economic, environmental and seasonal factors. These relate to real world issues that impact either on demand or on the available supply of the commodity in question. Other factors that can materially affect the price of commodities include regulatory changes, and movement in interest rates and exchange rates. Their value can fall as well as rise, and in some cases an investment in commodity linked products might result in the delivery of the underlying.
Commodities. D. Securities for which there is no established trading market.
Commodities. Investments may be made in commodities and commodity-backed liquid securities as listed on a U.S. based exchange, provided that such investments in the aggregate shall not exceed 5% of Trust Assets and meet the applicable quality and maturity standards set forth in Section I and II.
Commodities. During the period of this BOA, Chemonics may order and the Supplier may furnish and deliver health commodities authorized by USAID and USAID’s designated quality assurance contractor, Global Health Supply Chain Program - Quality Assurance (GHSC-QA), or other authorizing agent specified in the Annex, if applicable. Authorized items include, but are not limited to, the commodities listed in the Annex(es). Commodities offered in response to a Request for Quotes (RFQ), Request for Proposals (RFP) or other solicitation shall comply with the specifications and quality requirements included therein, including, but not limited to, shelf life, packaging, and documentation requirements. An Annex with specific terms and conditions may be periodically negotiated under this BOA in response to an RFQ or RFP. An Annex negotiated hereunder shall be expressly incorporated into and made a part of this BOA and include, but not be limited to, additional contract provisions, firm fixed unit and/or ceiling prices, and agreed commodity details. Chemonics may allocate Orders for products listed and priced in accordance with the provisions set forth in that Annex.
Commodities. Hedging Contracts entered into with the purpose and effect of fixing prices on oil, gas, and natural gas liquids expected to be produced by Restricted Persons, provided that at all times (i) no such contract fixes a price for a term of more than sixty (60) months; (ii) the aggregate monthly production covered by all such contracts (determined, in the case of contracts that are not settled on a monthly basis, by a monthly proration acceptable to Administrative Agent) for any single month does not in the aggregate exceed the Applicable Commodity Hedging Percentage; (iii) except for letters of credit and the Collateral under the Security Documents with respect to Lender Hedging Obligations, no such contract requires any Restricted Person to put up money, assets, or other security against the event of its nonperformance prior to actual default by such Restricted Person in performing its obligations thereunder; and (iv) each such contract is with an Approved Counterparty. The percentages set forth in clause (ii) of the preceding sentence must be calculated and measured separately for projected oil, gas, and natural gas liquid production.
Commodities. The primary commodities that are traded are oil, gold and agricultural products. Since no one really wants to transport all those heavy materials, what is actually traded are futures contracts or options. These are agreements to buy or sell at an agreed upon price on a specific date and are considered to be high risk.
Commodities. Trusts are prohibited from investing directly in commodity assets. Trusts may invest in commodity assets through a common or collective fund, ETF, or with the use of derivatives.