Authorization to Issue Interests Sample Clauses

Authorization to Issue Interests. (a) The Company may issue Interests, and options, rights and warrants relating to Interests, for any Company or Series purpose at any time and from time to time to such Persons for such consideration (which may be cash, property, services or any other lawful consideration) or for no consideration and on such terms and conditions as the Managing Member shall determine, all without the approval of the Economic Members. Each Interest shall have the rights and be governed by the provisions set forth in this Agreement (including any Series Designation).
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Authorization to Issue Interests. 16 Section 3.5 Voting Rights of Interests Generally.16 Section 3.6 Record Holders.17 Section 3.7 Splits.17 Section 3.8 Agreements.17

Related to Authorization to Issue Interests

  • Due Authorization and Issuance All of the Pledged Securities existing on the date hereof have been, and to the extent any Pledged Securities are hereafter issued, such Pledged Securities will be, upon such issuance, duly authorized, validly issued and fully paid and non-assessable to the extent applicable. There is no amount or other obligation owing by any Pledgor to any issuer of the Pledged Securities in exchange for or in connection with the issuance of the Pledged Securities or any Pledgor’s status as a partner or a member of any issuer of the Pledged Securities.

  • Authorization of Notes The Company will authorize the issue and sale of $53,500,000 aggregate principal amount of its 7.25% Senior Notes due December 30, 2029 (the “Notes”, such term to include any such notes issued in substitution therefor pursuant to Section 13). The Notes shall be substantially in the form set out in Exhibit 1. Certain capitalized and other terms used in this Agreement are defined in Schedule B; and references to a “Schedule” or an “Exhibit” are, unless otherwise specified, to a Schedule or an Exhibit attached to this Agreement.

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