ASPECTS Sample Clauses

ASPECTS. Supplies must comply with all applicable statutory provisions, regulations, safety laws and official ordinances. Suppliers with an approved aviation authority approval must deliver to AMAC all documentation and certificates requested as per aviation regulations. Unless specified in the PO, Suppliers without an approved aviation authority approval must deliver to AMAC certification of conformity documentation. Additional documentation requests will be stated in writing or on the PO. As required by aviation regulations, AMAC and aviation authorities shall be entitled to perform quality audits at the premises of the Supplier and its partners. The Supplier agrees to provide AMAC the necessary support to gather the requested information and access for investigations and occurrences. As a result of such an audit, the Supplier might be asked to implement some measures in order to be in line with aviation regulations. Should the Supplier refuse to put in place these measures, AMAC has the right to withdraw from the PO and to recover all costs incurred. The Supplier shall inform AMAC immediately in case of changes that might affect the quality of the Supplies. Such changes could be related to, but not limited to, changes within the organization of the Supplier, the Supplier's location or the Supplier's manufacturing process. The Supplier must inform AMAC of any changes in air authority approvals be that of a temporary or permanent nature or voluntary or involuntary suspension/termination. In case of such a suspension/termination, AMAC has the right to withdraw from the PO and to recover all costs incurred. The Supplier must immediately inform AMAC in writing of any deviations from the approved design data. The Supplier shall not incorporate any deviations in approved design data without the prior written consent of AMAC. In the event that a mandatory design change is required due to the issue of an airworthiness directive ("AD") pertaining to a product, then all the costs for any modification or changes required to comply with such AD shall be borne by the Supplier. Suppliers shall not incorporate any chargeable modifications or changes into Supplies as a result of changes in regulatory standards other than ADs without the prior written consent of AMAC. The Supplier is not allowed to subcontract any obligations without the prior written consent of AMAC.

Related to ASPECTS

  • Cooperation and Coordination The Parties acknowledge and agree that it is their mutual objective and intent to minimize, to the extent feasible and legal, taxes payable with respect to their collaborative efforts under this Agreement and that they shall use all commercially reasonable efforts to cooperate and coordinate with each other to achieve such objective.

  • Operational All expenses for running and operating all machinery, equipments and installations comprised in the Common Areas, including elevators, diesel generator set, changeover switch, pump and other common installations including their license fees, taxes and other levies (if any) and expenses ancillary or incidental thereto and the lights of the Common Areas and the road network.

  • Project Management and Coordination The Engineer shall coordinate all subconsultant activity to include quality of and consistency of work and administration of the invoices and monthly progress reports. The Engineer shall coordinate with necessary local entities.

  • Coordination The Parties shall confer regularly to coordinate the planning, scheduling and performance of preventive and corrective maintenance on the Large Generating Facility and the Interconnection Facilities.

  • Implementation i) Where the job/time sharing arrangement arises out of the filling of a vacant full-time position, the full-time position will be posted first and in the event that there are no successful applicants, then both job/time sharing positions will be posted and selection will be based on the criteria set out in the Collective Agreement.

  • Activities The Depositor shall not engage in any business or activity of any kind, or enter into any transaction or indenture, mortgage, instrument, agreement, contract, lease or other undertaking, which is not directly related to the transactions contemplated and authorized by this Agreement or the other Transaction Documents; provided, however, that the Depositor may purchase and sell (or grant Liens in respect of) contracts and/or other related assets similar to the Contracts to other Persons in securitization or other non-recourse financing transactions involving CFUSA or any of its Affiliates on terms and conditions (with respect to the liabilities imposed upon the Depositor by virtue of such transactions, as well as in respect of agreements or restrictions concerning activities of the Depositor and its relations or interactions with CFUSA or a Financing Originator or other applicable Affiliate relevant to "bankruptcy remoteness" or "substantive consolidation" analysis), in each case substantially similar to such terms and conditions applicable to the Depositor hereunder and under the other Transaction Documents.

  • Areas of Cooperation 1. To achieve the objectives of cooperation in fisheries within the described principles, cooperation will include fisheries management and conservation issues, vessel management and post harvest arrangements and financial and trade measures and development of fisheries and fisheries products and marine aquaculture.

  • Union Activities If the Contract Amount is $50,000 or more, no Judicial Council funds received under this Agreement will be used to assist, promote or deter union organizing during the term of this Agreement (including any extension or renewal term).