Amended Plan Sample Clauses

Amended Plan. The Company and all of the other Debtors shall have complied, in all material respects, with the terms of the Amended Plan that are to be performed by the Company and the other Debtors on or prior to the Effective Date and the conditions to the occurrence of the Effective Date set forth in the Amended Plan shall have been satisfied or, with the prior consent of the Requisite Backstop Parties, waived in accordance with the terms thereof and the Amended Plan.
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Amended Plan. Each Party acknowledges and agrees that the terms and conditions expressly set forth in the Plan Term Sheet are acceptable in all respects. The Amended Plan and all other Definitive Documents (as defined herein) shall be on the terms set forth in the Existing Plan, subject to and as modified to be consistent with this Agreement and the Plan Term Sheet.
Amended Plan. The terms and conditions of the Newco Plan shall remain in full force and effect until the Initial Plan Amendment Date. On the Initial Plan Amendment Date, the terms of the Newco Plan shall be amended as set forth in Exhibit G. Such amendments become effective as of the Initial Plan Amendment Date and shall remain effective until otherwise amended or modified as provided under this Settlement Agreement.

Related to Amended Plan

SERP Executive is a participant in the BB&T Corporation Non-Qualified Defined Benefit Plan (the “SERP”). The SERP was formerly known as the Branch Banking and Trust Company Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan. The SERP is a non-qualified, unfunded supplemental retirement plan which provides benefits to or on behalf of selected key management employees. The benefits provided under the SERP supplement the retirement and survivor benefits payable from the Pension Plan. Except in the event the employment of Executive is terminated by the Employer or BB&T for Just Cause and except in the event Executive terminates Executive’s employment for any reason other than Good Reason and such termination does not occur within twelve (12) months after a Change of Control (or, if later, within ninety (90) days after a MOE Revocation), the following special provisions shall apply for purposes of this Agreement:
Compensation Plan The Board of Directors of Kingsley has duly adopted a Compensation Plan as defined in Rule 405 of the Commission pursuant to which Kingsley may issue "freely tradeable" shares of its common stock as payment for services rendered, subject to the filing and effectiveness of an S-8 Registration Statement to be filed with the Commission by Kingsley.
Transition Plan In the event of termination by the LHIN pursuant to this section, the LHIN and the HSP will develop a Transition Plan. The HSP agrees that it will take all actions, and provide all information, required by the LHIN to facilitate the transition of the HSP’s clients.
Implementation Plan The Authority shall cause to be prepared an Implementation Plan meeting the requirements of Public Utilities Code Section 366.2 and any applicable Public Utilities Commission regulations as soon after the Effective Date as reasonably practicable. The Implementation Plan shall not be filed with the Public Utilities Commission until it is approved by the Board in the manner provided by Section 3.7.3.
Severance Plan It is the intention of the Parties that this -------------- Agreement provide special benefits to the Employee. If at any time the Company's Executive Severance Benefit Plan would provide better cash severance benefits to the Employee than this Agreement, the Employee may elect to receive such better cash severance benefits in lieu of the cash severance benefits provided under Subsections 5(a)(i) and 5(a)(ii), or Subsection 5(a)(v), of this Agreement, whichever is applicable, while continuing to receive any other benefits or coverages available under this Agreement. If this Agreement would provide better cash severance benefits to the Employee than the Company's Executive Severance Benefit Plan, the Employee shall receive the cash severance benefits under this Agreement, as well as any other benefits or coverages available under this Agreement. In such case, the cash severance benefits under this Agreement shall be in lieu of the cash severance benefits payable under the Company's Executive Severance Benefit Plan.
Supplemental Retirement Plan During the Contract Period, if the Executive was entitled to benefits under any supplemental retirement plan prior to the Change in Control, the Executive shall be entitled to continued benefits under such plan after the Change in Control and such plan may not be modified to reduce or eliminate such benefits during the Contract Period.
Equity Plan The Share Options and this Agreement shall be subject to the terms of the Plan, to the extent the terms of such Plan are not inconsistent with the terms of this Agreement. In the event of any inconsistency between the terms of the Plan and the terms of this Agreement, this Agreement shall govern.
Compensation Plans Schedule 3.8(b) contains a complete and accurate list of all compensation plans, arrangements or practices (the "Compensation Plans") sponsored by the Company or to which the Company contributes on behalf of its employees, other than Employment Agreements listed on Schedule 3.8(c) and Employee Benefit Plans listed on Schedule 3.9(a). The Compensation Plans include without limitation plans, arrangements or practices that provide for performance awards, and stock ownership or stock options. The Company has provided or made available to Vision 21 a copy of each written Compensation Plan and a written description of each unwritten Compensation Plan. Except as set forth on Schedule 3.8(b), each of the Compensation Plans can be terminated or amended at will by the Company.
Retirement Plan Executive shall, upon termination of employment, be entitled to receive all benefits payable to the Executive under the MTS Systems Corporation Profit Sharing Retirement Plan and any other plan or agreement relating to retirement benefits.
Stock Incentive Plan Executive shall be eligible for awards under the Employer’s Stock Incentive Plan. The type, timing and size of awards will be at the discretion of the Board of Directors.