Agency's Service Delivery Sample Clauses

Agency's Service Delivery. 5.1 Agency will provide Advertiser with clear instructions as to Advertiser Materials that Agency reasonably requires to perform the Services.
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Related to Agency's Service Delivery

  • Service Delivery Grantee shall:

  • SERVICE DELIVERABLES You will receive service on the Covered Product as described below: Carry-In: Unless otherwise provided in this Agreement, the Covered Product must be shipped or delivered and retrieved by You at Our authorized service center during normal business hours. In-Home/On-Site: Service will be performed in Your home or on-site as indicated on the Declarations Page of this Agreement, or on Your sales receipt or invoice provided You have fulfilled the following requirements: (1) provide Our authorized technician with accessibility to the Covered Product; (2) provide a non-threatening and safe environment for Our authorized technician; and (3) an adult over the age of 18 must be present for the period of time Our authorized technician is scheduled to provide service and while Our authorized technician is on Your property servicing the Covered Product. In-Home Service will be provided by Our authorized service provider during regular business hours, local time, Monday through Friday, except holidays. Our authorized service center may opt to remove the Covered Product to perform service in-shop. The Covered Product will be returned upon completion. Additional time and mileage charges for in-home repairs outside of twenty-five (25) contiguous land miles or the normal service radius of Our authorized service center are not covered by this Agreement, and are Your responsibility.

  • PRICE/DELIVERY Price(s) bid must be the price(s) for new goods, unless otherwise specified. Any bids containing modifying or “escalator” clauses will not be considered unless specifically requested in the bid specifications.

  • DNS Service TLD Zone Contents Notwithstanding anything else in this Agreement, as indicated in section of the gTLD Applicant Guidebook, permissible contents for the TLD’s zone are:

  • ADS Services Up to U.S. $5.00 per 100 ADSs (or fraction thereof) held on the applicable record date(s) established by the Depositary. Person holding ADSs on the applicable record date(s) established by the Depositary.

  • Interconnection Service Interconnection Service allows the Interconnection Customer to connect the Large Generating Facility to the Participating TO’s Transmission System and be eligible to deliver the Large Generating Facility’s output using the available capacity of the CAISO Controlled Grid. To the extent the Interconnection Customer wants to receive Interconnection Service, the Participating TO shall construct facilities identified in Appendices A and C that the Participating TO is responsible to construct. Interconnection Service does not necessarily provide the Interconnection Customer with the capability to physically deliver the output of its Large Generating Facility to any particular load on the CAISO Controlled Grid without incurring congestion costs. In the event of transmission constraints on the CAISO Controlled Grid, the Interconnection Customer's Large Generating Facility shall be subject to the applicable congestion management procedures in the CAISO Tariff in the same manner as all other resources.

  • Data Access Services State Street agrees to make available to the Fund the Data Access Services subject to the terms and conditions of this Addendum and such data access operating standards and procedures as may be issued by State Street from time to time. The Fund shall be able to access the System to (i) originate electronic instructions to State Street in order to (a) effect the transfer or movement of cash or securities held under custody by State Street or (b) transmit accounting or other information (the transactions described in (i)(a) and (i)(b) above are referred to herein as “Client Originated Electronic Financial Instructions”), and (ii) access data for the purpose of reporting and analysis, which shall all be deemed to be Data Access Services for purposes of this Addendum.

  • Verizon OSS Services Access to Verizon Operations Support Systems functions. The term “Verizon OSS Services” includes, but is not limited to: (a) Verizon’s provision of Reconex Usage Information to Reconex pursuant to Section 8.1.3 below; and, (b) “Verizon OSS Information”, as defined in Section 8.1.4 below.

  • Switched Exchange Access Service The offering of transmission and switching services for the purpose of the origination or termination of Toll Traffic. Switched Exchange Access Services include but may not be limited to: Feature Group A, Feature Group B, Feature Group D, 700 access, 800 access, 888 access and 900 access.

  • System and Data Access Services a.System. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Addendum and solely for the purpose of providing access to Fund Data as set forth herein, State Street hereby agrees to provide the Fund, or certain third parties approved by State Street that serve as the Fund`s investment advisors, investment managers or fund accountants (the "Fund Accountants") or as the Fund`s independent auditors (the "Auditor"), with access to State Street`s Multicurrency HORIZONR Accounting System and the other information systems described in Attachment A (collectively, the "System") on a remote basis solely on the computer hardware, system software and telecommunication links described in Attachment B (the "Designated Configuration") or on any designated substitute or back-up equipment configuration consented to in writing by State Street, such consent not to be unreasonably withheld.

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