Agency Fees Sample Clauses

Agency Fees. Borrowers shall pay to the Administrative Agent an agency fee in such amounts and at such times as heretofore agreed upon by letter agreement among Parent, the Borrowers and the Administrative Agent. The agency fee is for the services to be performed by the Administrative Agent in acting as Administrative Agent and is fully earned on the date paid. The agency fee paid to the Administrative Agent is solely for its own account and is nonrefundable.
Agency Fees. Borrower shall pay Agent such fees as are provided for in the agency fee agreement between Agent and Borrower, as in existence from time to time.
Agency Fees. The applicable Borrower shall pay to Administrative Agent for its own account, agency and other Loan fees in the amount and at the times set forth in administrative agent letter between Borrowers and Administrative Agent.
Agency Fees. The Borrower agrees to pay to the Administrative Agent, for its own respective account, fees payable in the amounts and at the times separately agreed upon in writing upon between the Borrower and the Administrative Agent.
Agency Fees. Borrowers shall pay to the Agent certain fees for acting as Agent hereunder in the amounts previously agreed between Borrowers and the Agent.