Administration Agreement Sample Clauses

Administration Agreement. The Trustees may in their discretion from time to time enter into an administration agreement or, if the Trustees establish multiple Series or Classes, separate administration agreements with respect to each Series or Class, whereby the other party to such agreement shall undertake to manage the business affairs of the Trust or of a Series or Class thereof of the Trust and furnish the Trust or a Series or a Class thereof with office facilities, and shall be responsible for the ordinary clerical, bookkeeping and recordkeeping services at such office facilities, and other facilities and services, if any, and all upon such terms and conditions as the Trustees may in their discretion determine.
Administration Agreement. The Servicer agrees to perform all duties required of the Servicer under the Administration Agreement using that degree of skill and attention that the Servicer exercises with respect to its comparable business activities.
Administration Agreement. Concurrently herewith, the Issuer, the Indenture Trustee and TMCC have entered into the Administration Agreement pursuant to which TMCC will perform certain administrative tasks on behalf of the Indenture Trustee and the Issuer (when acting in such capacity, TMCC is referred to herein as the “Administrator”).
Administration Agreement. (a) The Administrator is authorized to execute on behalf of the Trust all documents, reports, filings, instruments, certificates and opinions as it shall be the duty of the Trust to prepare, file or deliver pursuant to the Related Documents. Upon written request, the Owner Trustee shall execute and deliver to the Administrator a power of attorney appointing the Administrator its agent and attorney-in-fact to execute all such documents, reports, filings, instruments, certificates and opinions.
Administration Agreement. Funding and the Mortgages Trustee will use all reasonable endeavours to procure that NRPLC complies with its obligations under the Administration Agreement;
Administration Agreement. Issuer of the proposed action and the Issuer shall not have withheld consent or provided an alternative direction. For the purpose of the preceding sentence, “non-ministerial matters” shall include, without limitation:
Administration Agreement. The Amended and Restated Administration Agreement, dated as of the Effective Date, by and between the Issuer and the Administrator, as amended, supplemented, restated, or otherwise modified from time to time. Administrative Agent: (a) initially, Barclays Bank PLC or any Affiliate thereof or any successor thereto in respect of the Series of Notes for which it is designated as an Administrative Agent therefor in the related Indenture Supplement, and (b) in respect of any Series, the Person(s) specified in the related Indenture Supplement. Unless the context indicates otherwise in any Indenture Supplement for such Indenture Supplement, each reference to the “Administrative Agent” herein or in any other Transaction Document shall be deemed to constitute a collective reference to each Person that is an Administrative Agent. If (x) any Person that is an Administrative Agent resigns as an Administrative Agent in respect of all Series for which it was designated as the Administrative Agent or (y) all of the Notes in respect of each Series for which any Person was designated as the Administrative Agent are repaid or redeemed in full, such Person shall cease to be an “Administrative Agent” for purposes hereof and each other Transaction Document.
Administration Agreement. 14 Section 3.16 Lender Identification Number .............................. 14 ARTICLE IV
Administration Agreement. A separate written agreement entered into by the Master Fund and the Administrator pursuant to which the Administrator provides Administrative Services to the Master Fund.