Accessions Sample Clauses

Accessions. All installations, replacements, and substitutions of parts or accessories with respect to any of the property shall constitute accessions and shall become part of the property and shall be owned by MDC.
Accessions. Lessee agrees that if any part of the Equipment is physically attached to other personal property that the Equipment shall not lose its identity and shall constitute an accession. Lessor shall at all times herein retain its interests in the Equipment and such interest shall continue to be perfected notwithstanding its becoming an accession.
Accessions. Without the necessity of a written instrument duly executed on behalf of all of the Parties, any other UPU designated postal operator can accede to this Agreement by executing a Deed of Accession in the form of Annex 4 and delivering it to the Head of PRIME, who will inform the Parties. The accession is subject to approval by the Tracked Agreement Steering Committee. The accession will become effective on the first day of the second c a l e n d a r month following the approval of the accession by the Tracked Agreement Steering Committee. The list of Parties is referred to in Annex 6 and it is updated by the Head of PRIME each time a new Party is approved. An acceding Party shall identify the organisational resources to develop the PRIME Tracked Items service and shall commence testing the service within two months of its accession becoming effective. The test period shall not exceed six months, such that the acceding Party shall be providing the full service within eight months of its accession becoming effective. The acceding Party shall receive any Enhanced Payment pursuant to Article 3 for PRIME Tracked Items delivered by it only after that Party has been providing this service for six months, including any testing period.
Accessions. The Borrower acknowledges that any accessions (including replacements and accessories) which are attached to the Vehicle shall become part of the Vehicle.
Accessions. Each modification, improvement and revision of any ---------- of the Trade Secrets (except for direct reproductions thereof) that is made by or for Licensee will become the property of Licensee.
Accessions. To secure payment and performance of all Liabilities, BORROWER hereby creates in favor of LENDER and hereby grants to LENDER a first security interest in all Accessions, as defined herein, presently owned by BORROWER or hereafter existing, created or acquired by it.
Accessions. All increases, additions, accretions and accessions to, and all extensions, reversions, renewals, continuations or replacement of any of the Collateral (as defined in Section 2.1) (collectively the “Accessions”);
Accessions. Permit any of the Collateral to become an accession to any property other than other Collateral;
Accessions. (a) If a country listed in the Annex does not become a member of the Convention on 1 July 1995, but accedes subsequently under paragraph (2) of Article 27 of the Convention, its votes for the purposes of Article 11 shall be as set out in the Annex, adjusted, if necessary, in accordance with paragraphs (3) and (4) of Article 11.