A Facility Sample Clauses

A Facility. The Loan made available under the A Facility may only be used by Hungarotel at Hungarotel Closing as contemplated by and in accordance with the Corporate Structure Memorandum/Funds Flow Statement.

Related to A Facility

  • Facility Prudential is willing to consider, in its sole discretion and within limits which may be authorized for purchase by Prudential Affiliates from time to time, the purchase of Shelf Notes pursuant to this Agreement. The willingness of Prudential to consider such purchase of Shelf Notes is herein called the “Facility”. At any time, the aggregate principal amount of Shelf Notes stated in Section 1.2, minus the aggregate principal amount of Shelf Notes purchased and sold pursuant to this Agreement prior to such time, minus the aggregate principal amount of Accepted Notes (as hereinafter defined) which have not yet been purchased and sold hereunder prior to such time, is herein called the “Available Facility Amount” at such time. NOTWITHSTANDING THE WILLINGNESS OF PRUDENTIAL TO CONSIDER PURCHASES OF SHELF NOTES BY PRUDENTIAL AFFILIATES, THIS AGREEMENT IS ENTERED INTO ON THE EXPRESS UNDERSTANDING THAT NEITHER PRUDENTIAL NOR ANY PRUDENTIAL AFFILIATE SHALL BE OBLIGATED TO MAKE OR ACCEPT OFFERS TO PURCHASE SHELF NOTES, OR TO QUOTE RATES, SPREADS OR OTHER TERMS WITH RESPECT TO SPECIFIC PURCHASES OF SHELF NOTES, AND THE FACILITY SHALL IN NO WAY BE CONSTRUED AS A COMMITMENT BY PRUDENTIAL OR ANY PRUDENTIAL AFFILIATE.

  • Equipment and Facilities For On-Site Courses, you will supply the facility and equipment as set forth at www.redhat.com/training/solutions/requirements.html. If Red Hat agrees to provide the training facilities and hardware, you will be liable for any loss or destruction of this equipment and hardware used in connection with the Training.

  • Facility Use The Employer shall allow individuals the use of gender- segregated facilities, such as restrooms, locker rooms, and dressing rooms that are consistent with that individual's gender expression or gender identity. In such facilities where undressing in the presence of others occurs, the Employer shall allow access to and use of a facility consistent with that individual's gender expression or gender identity.

  • Other Facilities Promptly and in no event more than ten (10) days after the effectiveness thereof, copies of (i) any documents, agreements or instruments evidencing indebtedness for borrowed money of any DT Entity and (ii) any amendment, restatement, supplement or other modification any documents, agreements or instruments evidencing indebtedness for borrowed money of any DT Entity, including, without limitation, any fee letter, waiver, consent and any other document, agreement or instrument executed in connection with any of the foregoing.

  • Generating Facility 4.1 Ownership The Generating Facility shall be owned by Seller.

  • Existing Facilities Each of the Existing Facilities shall be repaid in full and terminated and all collateral security therefor shall be released, and the Administrative Agent shall have received pay-off letters in form and substance satisfactory to it evidencing such repayment, termination and release.

  • Overdraft Facility In the event that the Custodian is directed by Proper Instructions to make any payment or transfer of funds on behalf of the Fund for which there would be, at the close of business on the date of such payment or transfer, insufficient funds held by the Custodian on behalf of the Fund, the Custodian may, in its sole discretion, provide an overdraft (an "Overdraft") to the Fund in an amount sufficient to allow the completion of such payment. Any Overdraft provided hereunder: (a) shall be payable on the next business day, unless otherwise agreed by the Fund and the Custodian; and (b) shall accrue interest from the date of the Overdraft to the date of payment in full by the Fund at a rate agreed upon in writing, from time to time, by the Custodian and the Fund. The purpose of such Overdrafts is to temporarily finance extraordinary or emergency expenses not reasonably foreseeable by the Fund. The Custodian shall promptly notify the Fund in writing ("Overdraft Notice") of any Overdraft by facsimile transmission or in such other manner as the Fund and the Custodian may agree in writing. The Custodian shall have a right of set-off against all Assets (except for Assets held in a segregated margin account or otherwise pledged in connection with options or futures contracts held for the benefit of the Fund and for Assets allocated to any other Overdraft or loan made hereunder); provided, however, the Custodian shall promptly notify the Fund in writing of any intent to exercise a right of set-off against Assets hereunder and shall not exercise any such right of set-off against Assets hereunder unless and until the Fund has failed to pay (within ten (10) days after the Fund's receipt of such notice of intent to exercise a right of set-off), any Overdraft, together with all accrued interest thereon. Notwithstanding the provisions of any applicable law, including, without limitation, the Uniform Commercial Code, the only rights or remedies which the Custodian is entitled to with respect to Overdrafts is the right of set-off granted herein.

  • Total Facility Subject to all of the terms and conditions of this Agreement, the Lender shall make available a total credit facility of up to $5,000,000 (the "Total Facility") for the Borrower's use from time to time during the term of this Agreement. The Total Facility shall be comprised of: a revolving line of credit up to the limits of the Availability, consisting of Revolving Loans and Letters of Credit as described in Sections 2.2 and 2.3.

  • Loss of a Facility Hub In the event that BellSouth loses a facility hub, the recovery process is much the same as above. Once the NMC has observed the problem and administered the appropriate controls, the ECC will assume authority for the repairs. The recovery effort will include

  • Type of Facility An Ancillary Facility may be by way of: