Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxxx definition

Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxxx has the meaning given to it in Section 2.02 of the Warrant Agreement.
Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxxx. Dated: February 3, 2005 /s/ Emanuel Cohen ----------------------------------- Emanuel Cohen Address: 0 XxxxXxxxx Xourt Preofxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx X00 0XX X.X. =================================== Dated: February 3, 2005 /s/ Rodney Philip Jackson ----------------------------------- Rodney Philip Jackson Axxxxxx: 00 Xxx Xxxxxxrs Argyle Xxxx Xxxxxxxxx XX0 0XX Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx =================================== UNIVERSITY OF LIVERPOOL Dated: , 2005 By: /s/ ----------------------------------- Name: Address: =================================== Dated: February 2, 2005 /s/ NIGEL ALISTAIR BUIST SIMPSON ----------------------------------- Nigel Alistair buist simpson Xxxxxxx: Xxxx. XX/XXX, 7th Floor Clarfadon Winx, XXX, XXXXX X00 0XX =================================== UNIVERSITY OF LEEDS INNOVATIONS LIMITED Dated: February 1, 2005 By: /s/ J. Fisher ----------------------------------- Name: J. Fisher, Director Addxxxx: =================================== Dated: , 2005 /s/ JAMES JOHNSTON WALKER ----------------------------------- JAMES JOHNSTON WALKER Axxxxxx: =================================== WHITE ROSE TECHNOLOGY LIMITED Dated: , 2005 Xx: /s/ ----------------------------------- Name: _____________, Authorized signatory Address: =================================== NEW SHAREHOLDER GROUP Dated: January 31, 2005 /s/ Robert M. Rubin ----------------------------------- Robert M. Rubin Dated: January 31, 2005 /s/ Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx ----------------------------------- Victor Kaminsky Dated: , 2005 /s/ Xxx Xxxxxxxxx ----------------------------------- Jay Kaplowitz Dated: January 31, 2005 /s/ Stxxxxx X. Xxxxs ----------------------------------- Stephen A. Weiss
Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxxx. The Industrial Bank of Japan, Limited, New York Branch ABA For further credit to : Account Reference: Modis Professional Services, Inc. HSBC BANK USA By: /s/ Jeremy P. Bollington Name: Jexxxx X. Xollington Title: Xxxx Xxxsident Lending Office: 140 Broadway, 4th Floor New Yxxx, Xxx Xxxx 00000-0000

Examples of Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxxx in a sentence

  • Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxx, Xxxxx X-0, Xxxx Xxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxxxx 00000 (hereinafter, “AUXILIUM” or “Licensee”).

  • All notices to be sent to a party pursuant to this Agreement shall be sent to 000 Xxxxxx Xxxx, X.X. Xxx 000, Xxxx Xxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxxxx 00000, Facsimile: (000) 000-0000, Attention: Xxxx X.

  • For purposes of Section 10.05(b) the adxxxxx xxx xotices to S&P shall be Standard & Poor's Ratings Services, 55 Water Street, 41st Floor, New York, New York 10041, Attention: Xxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxxx, xx xxxx xxxxx xddress as S&P may hereafter furnish to the Depositor and the Servicer.

  • The gathering fee shall be due and payable upon Shipper's receipt of Gatherer's statement and payment shall be made to Gatherer at the following address: Atlas Pipeline Partners 000 Xxxxxx Xxxx, X.X. Xxx 000 Xxxx Xxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxxxx 00000 Attn: Transportation Revenue Each of Gatherer and Shipper shall preserve its records relating to any statement delivered pursuant to this Section 8.1 for a period of at least three (3) years after such statement is delivered.

  • The residence of the Managing General Partner is its principal place of business at 000 Xxxxxx Xxxx, Xxxx Xxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxxxx 00000, which shall also serve as the principal place of business of the Partnership.

  • Xxxxxx Its: General Partner LENDER: ESSEX WOODLANDS HEALTH VENTURES V, L.P. 000 Xxxxx XxXxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxx 0000 Xxxxxxx, XX 00000 /s/ Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx By: Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx Its: Managing Director LENDER: XXXXXXX XXXXXXXX 0000 Xxxx Xxxxx Xxxx Xxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxxxx 00000 /s/ Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx LENDER: XXXXX XXXXXXXX 0000 Xxxx Xxxxx Xxxx Xxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxxxx 00000 /s/ Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx LENDER: XXXXXX XXXXX 000 Xxxxxx Xxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxxxx 00000 /s/ Xxxxxx Xxxxx LENDER: XXXXXX X.

  • Westpointe Corporate Center One 0000 Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxx, 0xx Xxxxx X.X. Xxx 000 Xxxx Xxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxxxx 00000 Attention: Xxxxxx X.

  • Any notice or communication under this Agreement must be addressed, if to the Company or the Sponsor, to: 000 Xxxx Xxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxx Story, Xxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxxxx 00000, or by email at:, and, if to any Holder, to the address of such Holder as it appears in the applicable register for the Registrable Securities or such other address as may be designated in writing by such Holder (including on the signature pages hereto).

  • For the purposes of this Agreement, notices and all other communications provided for in this Agreement shall be in writing and shall be deemed to have been duly given when delivered or mailed by certified or registered mail, return receipt requested, postage prepaid, addressed to the respective addresses set forth below: To the Bank: Secretary The Farmers National Bank of Emlenton 000 Xxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxxxx 00000 To the Corporation: Secretary Emclaire Financial Corp.

  • Ltd., a limited liability company duly incorporated and validly existing under the laws of the People’s Republic of China, with its registered address at Xx. 0-0, 0/X, Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxxx, Xxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxx Prefecture, Xinjiang, its unified social credit code being 91652922MA78648YX8; The persons listed in items (3) to (47) are hereinafter collectively referred to as “Target Shareholders”.

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Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxxx. HSBC Bank USA ABA # Account # Account Name: Reference: Modis Professional Services, Inc. Attention: Asset Syndications KBC BANK N.V. By: /s/ Robert Snauffer Name: Roberx Xxxxxxxx Xxxxe: Firxx Xxxx Xxxxxxxnt By: /s/ Raymond F. Murray Name: Raymoxx X. Xxxxxx Xxxxe: Fixxx Xxxx Xxxxxxxxt Lending Office: 125 West 55th Street New York, Xxx Xxxx 00000 Xxxx Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxxx: KBC Bank N.V. ABA # Attention: Reference: Modis Professional Services, Inc. BANK HAPOALIM B.M. By: /s/ Laura Anne Raffa Name: Laurx Xxxx Xxxxx Xxxle: Firxx Xxxx Xxxxxxxxt & Corporate Bank Officer By: /s/ Shaun Breidbart Name: Shaun Bxxxxxxxx Xxxxx: Vice Xxxxxxxxx Xxxding Office: 1177 Avenue of the Americas Nxx Xxxx, Xxx Xxxx 00000 Xxxx Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxxx: Bank of New York Account # ABA # Attention: Reference: Modis Professional Services, Inc.
Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxxx means, with respect to any prepayment of a LIBOR Loan on a day other than the last day of the applicable Interest Period and with respect to any failure to borrow a LIBOR Loan on the date or in the amount specified in any Request for Loan, (a) LIBOR payable (or, with respect to a failure to borrow, LIBOR which would have been payable) with respect to the LIBOR Loan minus (b) LIBOR on, or as near as practicable to, the date of the prepayment or failure to borrow for a LIBOR Loan with an Interest Period commencing on such date and ending on the last day of the Interest Period of the LIBOR Loan so prepaid or which would have been borrowed on such date.
Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxxx. HSBC Bank USA New York, New York Account Name: Credit Industriel et Commercial Account No.: 000123439 Reference: Tech Data Corporation SWIFT: MRMDUS33 DG BANK DEUTSCHE GENOSSENSCHAFTSBANK AG, CAYMAN ISLANDS BRANCH By: /s/ J.W. SOMERS --------------------------- Name: J.W. Somers Title: S.V.P. By: /s/ KURT A. MORRIS ---------------------------- Name: Kurt A. Morris Title: Vice Prexxxxxx Domestic and Eurodollar Lending Office: DG Bank AG, Atlanta Agency 303 Peachtree Street, N.E. One Peaxxxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxx 0000 Axxxxxx, Xxxxxxx 00000 Xxxx Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxxx: Bank of New York ABA No.: 021000018 For Account: DG Bank, Nxx Xxxx Account No.: 8900433876 For further Credit to: Tech Data Corporation CITICORP USA, INC. By: /s/ ALLEN FISHER ----------------------- Name: Allen Fisher Title: Vice Prexxxxxx Domestic and Eurodollar Lending Office: 390 Freenwich Street, 1st Floor Xxx Xxxx, Xxx Xxxx 00000
Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxxx. Xxx Xxxk of New York. Corridor Certificates: The LIBOR Certificates.
Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxxx. The International Bank of Miami, N.A. Miami, Florida ABA #067001699 Account Name: Loax Xxxxxxxng Attention: Loan Servicing Department Reference: AmeriSteel Corporation EXHIBIT A Applicable Commitment Percentages REVOLVING APPLICABLE CREDIT TERM LOAN COMMITMENT LENDER COMMITMENT COMMITMENT PERCENTAGE ------ ----------------- ----------------- ----------------- Bank of America, N.A $ 29,210,526.34 $ 15,789,473.68 15.78947368% SunTrust Bank $ 24,342,105.26 $ 00,157,894.74 13.15789474% PNC Bank, National Association $ 22,719,298.25 $ 00,280,701.75 12.28070175% AmSouth Bank $ 16,228,070.18 $ 0,771,929.82 8.77192982% Banque Sudameris, Miami Agency $ 16,228,070.18 $ 8,771,929.82 8.77192982% SouthTrust Bank $ 16,228,070.18 $ 8,771,929.82 8.77192982% The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, Ltd., New York Branch $ 12,982,456.14 $ 7,017,543.86 7.01754386% Comerica Bank $ 9,736,842.11 $ 0,263,157.89 5.26315789% LaSalle Bank National Association $ 0,736,842.11 $ 5,263,157.89 5.26315789% The Chase Manhattan Bank $ 9,736,842.11 $ 5,263,157.89 5.26315789%

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  • Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx has entered into a Management Agreement dated June 15, 1995 ("Management Agreement") with PaineWebber PACE Select Advisors Trust (formerly known as Managed Accounts Services Portfolio Trust ("Trust")), an open-end management investment company registered under the Investment Company Act of 1940, as amended ("1940 Act"), with respect to PACE GLOBAL FIXED INCOME INVESTMENTS ("Portfolio");

  • Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx whose address and tax identification number shall be provided within five (5) days after this Settlement Agreement is fully executed by the Parties;

  • Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx means, with respect to XXXXX, 0.0326% per annum.

  • Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx “Xxxx Xxxxxx”

  • Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx “Xxxxxxx Xxx”

  • Xxxxxxxxxxx means a corporation, association, company, joint-stock company or business trust.

  • Xxxxxxxxxx means Xxxxxxxxxx Broadcasting Corporation, a Maryland corporation.

  • Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx Xxx XxXxxx” ”Xxxx Xxxxx” ”Xxxxx Xxxxxxx” ”Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx” ”Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx” ”Xxxxx Xxxxxx”

  • Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx whose address and tax identification number shall be provided within five (5) days after this Settlement Agreement is fully executed by the Parties;

  • Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxx “Xxxx Xxxxxx” “X. Xxxx” “Xxxxxxx Xxxxx” LETTER #11 LETTER OF UNDERSTANDING Between THE CITY OF SAULT STE. XXXXX and LOCAL 67 C.U.P.E.

  • Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx “Xxxxxxxxx Xxxx”

  • Xxxx Xxxxxxxxx “Xxxxx Xxxx”

  • Xxxxxxxxx means Xxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxxx.

  • Xxxxxxxx means Xxxxxxxx Nominees Pty. Ltd. a company incorporated in the State as trustee of The Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx Family Trust;

  • Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxxx”

  • Xxxxxxxx-Xxxxx means the Xxxxxxxx-Xxxxx Act of 2002.

  • Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx” ”Xxxxx Xxxxxx”

  • Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx xxxxx xxx Xxxxxx xx Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx.

  • Xxx Xxxxxxxx “Xxx Xxxxxxx”

  • Xxxx Xxxxxxxx Xxxx Xxx”

  • Xxxxxxxx Xxxx means the type of charge that a xxxxxxx has on somebody else’s goods when he does work on the goods. The xxxxxxx may keep the goods until he is paid for the work and if he is not paid he may sell them. A mechanic will have a xxxxxxx’x xxxx on your car if he does work on it at his garage. Any expression not described or defined in this agreement shall have the meaning given to it in the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act 2003 unless the context requires otherwise. Unless the context prevents it, the singular shall include the plural and vice versa and one gender includes others to the effect that, for example, “he” includes “they”, “she” and “it”.

  • Sxxxxxxx-Xxxxx means the Sxxxxxxx-Xxxxx Act of 2002.

  • Xxxxxx Xxxxxx “Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx”

  • Xxxxxxx Xxxxx means Xxxxxxx Lynch, Pierce, Xxxxxx & Xxxxx Incorporated.

  • Xxxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx” ”Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx” ”Xxxxx Xxxxxx”

  • Xxx Xxxxxxx “Xxxxx Xxxxxxx” “Xxxxx Xxxxx”