Waste oil definition

Waste oil means used or spent oil or solvents or other volatile hydrocarbons, including but not limited to crankcase oil.
Waste oil means any oil which includes spills of crude oil, emulsions, tank bottom sludge and slop oil generated from petroleum refineries, installations or ships and can be used as fuel in furnaces for energy recovery, if it meets the specifications laid down in Part-B of Schedule V either as such or after reprocessing.
Waste oil means waste oil as defined in Section 22a-448 of the General Statutes.

Examples of Waste oil in a sentence

  • Waste oil will constitute any oil removed from any piece of equipment that is a part of this specification.

  • Waste oil and used batteries from the DG sets are sent to authorize recyclers.

  • Waste oil generated from the DG sets should be disposed off in accordance with the Hazardous and Other Wastes (Management and Transboundary Movement) Rules, 2016 after obtaining authorization.

  • Waste oil or other oily wastes except used oil burned in a heating device for energy recovery subject to the restrictions in Chapter NR 590, Wisconsin Administrative Code.

  • Waste oil should be removed from the venue or disposed of in the waste oil containers where provided.

More Definitions of Waste oil

Waste oil means any used nonhazardous petroleum product other than crankcase oil. Crankcase oil mixed with other used nonhazardous petroleum products shall be considered as waste oil.
Waste oil means any petroleum−derived or synthetic oil that has been used or spilled.
Waste oil means used or spent oil of any kind, including but not limited to those oils from automotive, industrial, aviation and other sources.
Waste oil means any mineral or synthetic lubrication or industrial oil which has become unfit for the use for which it was originally intended, such as used combustion engine oils and gearbox oils, lubricating oils, oils for turbines and hydraulic oils,
Waste oil means any petroleum product which:
Waste oil means any mineral based lubricating or industrial oil which has become unfit for the use for which it was intended and, in particular, used combustion engine oil, gearbox oil, mineral lubricating oil, oil for turbines and hydraulic oil; and
Waste oil means discarded oil generated by residential, institutional, commercial, industrial, agricultural sources or oil recovered from spills.