Trust Asset definition

Trust Asset means any asset of any type owned by the Trust.
Trust Asset means any property or property right held by a trust department or trust company for the benefit of another.
Trust Asset has the meaning set forth in the Trust Agreement.

Examples of Trust Asset in a sentence

  • Payments on each Group will be based solely on payments on the Trust Asset Group with the same numerical designation.

  • Payments on each Group will be based solely on payments on the Trust Asset Group with the same numerical desig- nation.

  • The Depositor will not sell, pledge, assign or transfer to any other Person, or grant, create, incur, assume or suffer to exist any Lien on any Contract in the Contract Pool or on any other Trust Asset or on any related Equipment, whether now existing or hereafter transferred to the Trust, or any interest therein (except for Permitted Liens).

  • The Mortgage Loans will not prepay at any constant rate until maturity, nor will all of the Mortgage Loans underlying any Trust Asset Group prepay at the same rate at any one time.

  • Certain additional information regarding the HECM MBS is set forth in Exhibit A to this Supplement.(2) The HECM MBS Rate for each Trust Asset is the weighted average coupon of its related Participation interest rates (“WACR”).

More Definitions of Trust Asset

Trust Asset means (i) any asset held in the Trust, and the value of such asset determined in accordance with GAAP, including Company Securities and instruments linked to the value of Company Securities, (ii) any right the Trust has to receive any asset in the future, including by the Trust being the (a) owner or beneficiary of any insurance policy or similar instrument or (b) beneficiary of a letter of credit, bank guaranty, surety bond or similar instrument, and (iii) any instrument by which the Trust may or will receive any of (i) and (ii) as the result of, or in connection with, a future event, including a Change in Control Event (as defined in the Deferred Compensation Plan).
Trust Asset means any property or property right held by a licensee for the benefit of another.
Trust Asset means the property owned by the Trust.
Trust Asset means all assets of the DebtorsBankruptcy Estates on the Effective Date, including all Reserved Claims and other assets, less the amounts actually paid from the Distribution Funds plus the remaining assets, if any, in the Distribution Fund, but reserved for payment of a Disputed Claim, which distribution and reserves shall become Trust Assets and shall be transferred to the Trust when such distributions, if any, are returned and Section 6.10 of the Plan is applicable respecting such distributions or such reserves are no longer required because the Claim for which a reserve has been established has been disallowed by Final Order.
Trust Asset means the Trust Deposit in addition to any interest earned, profit made, dividend yield or other investment income that may be earned thereon.
Trust Asset means any and all of the Debtors' and their Estates' right, title and interest in all Property which will be transferred on the Effective Date to the Liquidating Trust pursuant to the Plan and the Liquidating Trust Agreement, including, without limitation, Cash, Causes of Action, rights of setoff and recoupment and any other remaining Property of the Debtors and their Estates.