To review definition

To review means to read with the intention that the knowledge gained from the reading shall be used in the decision making process with respect to the merits of:
To review. ’ a hearing-level decision means that the Appeals Council

Examples of To review in a sentence

To review compensation arrangements for the Company’s employees to evaluate whether incentive and other forms of pay encourage unnecessary or excessive risk taking, and review and discuss, at least annually, the relationship between risk management policies and practices, corporate strategy and the Company’s compensation arrangements.

To review perquisites or other personal benefits to the Company’s executive officers and directors and recommend any changes to the Board.

To review at least annually the Company’s executive compensation plans in light of the Company’s goals and objectives with respect to such plans, and, if the Committee deems it appropriate, adopt, or recommend to the Board the adoption of, new, or the amendment of existing, executive compensation plans.

To review and approve any severance or termination arrangements to be made with any executive officer of the Company.

To review the functioning of the Whistle Blower mechanism, in case the same is existing.