ALTA definition

ALTA means American Land Title Association, or any successor thereto.
ALTA. The American Land Title Association or any successor thereto.

Examples of ALTA in a sentence

  • The ALTA Residential Limited Coverage Mortgage Modification Policy may be issued based on a modification of a mortgage that encumbers a one-to-four family residential dwelling.

  • Prior to Closing Seller shall furnish at Seller’s expense a final commitment, dated after the Auction, for the issuance of a standard ALTA owner’s title insurance policy insuring fee simple title to the Property in the name of Buyer for the amount of the Purchase Price, free and clear of any material encumbrance that does not constitute a Permitted Exception (“Updated Title Evidence”).

  • EXISTING CONDITIONS / TOPOGRAPHIC SURVEY PLAN ALTA plan or Certified Surveyor’s Plan of the existing features and easements.

  • Rating Manual sections adopted after February 1, 2006 without ALTA endorsement counterparts begin with Section 10.103.

  • The OTIRO endorsement number is the ALTA number with a 200 prefix.

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