Therapeutic research definition

Therapeutic research means research that includes interventions that may hold out the prospect of direct health-related benefit for the participant (Regulation 135)

Examples of Therapeutic research in a sentence

  • Therapeutic research is a clinical investigation designed to determine the efficacy and safety of a therapeutic or diagnostic method.

  • The schedule of Committee of the Whole meetings shall be adopted by resolution of the County Board.

  • Therapeutic research in children is defined where research interventions directed towards them have direct health-related benefit for the child.

  • Therapeutic research Surgery and radiotherapy, increasingly combined with systemic treatment, can cure most patients with loca- lised diseases.

  • Therapeutic research focused on primary as well as disseminated cancer is receiving substantial emphasis thanks to the massive introduc- tion of ‘omics’ techniques for the analysis of tumour samples and liquid biopsies.

  • Since we have increased our focus on ZFP Therapeutic research and development, investors increasingly assess the value of our technology based on the continued progress of ZFP Therapeutic products into and through clinical trials.

  • Therapeutic research also focuses on innovative therapies (cell therapy, plasma exchanges…).

  • Therapeutic research may benefit the participants as it not only aims to provide scientific knowledge, but also aims at healing or improving the participant‘s condition.

  • Therapeutic research also needs to address the optimal timing of intervention throughout development.

  • Therapeutic research or experimentation on a child under the age of 18 years may be conducted only if it is in the best interests of the child, and if the consent of both the child (if he or she is capable of understanding) and of his or her parent or guardian, has been obtained.

Related to Therapeutic research

  • Therapeutic school means a residential group living facility:

  • scientific research means any activity in the field of natural or applied science for the extension of knowledge;

  • Therapeutic diet means meals served that are soft, low-fat, low-sodium or controlled calorie.

  • Vaccine means a specially prepared antigen which, upon administration to a person, will result in immunity and, specifically for the purposes of this rule, shall mean influenza and pneumococcal vaccines.

  • Diagnostic Product means any test or assay for diagnosing or detecting a disease, disorder, medical condition, or symptom.

  • Basic research means any original investigation for the advancement of scientific or technological knowledge that will enhance the research capacity of this state in a way that increases the ability to attract to or develop companies, jobs, researchers, or students in this state.

  • in vitro diagnostic medical device means any medical device which is a reagent, reagent product, calibrator, control material, kit, instrument, apparatus, equipment, software or system, whether used alone or in combination, intended by the manufacturer to be used in vitro for the examination of specimens, including blood and tissue donations, derived from the human body, solely or principally for the purpose of providing information:

  • Collaborative drug therapy management means participation by an authorized pharmacist and a physician in the management of drug therapy pursuant to a written community practice protocol or a written hospital practice protocol.

  • Biological Samples means any physical samples obtained from Study Participants in accordance with the Protocol for the purposes of the Study.

  • Medical marijuana product means a product that contains cannabinoids that have been extracted from plant material or the resin therefrom by physical or chemical means and is intended for administration to a licensed patient, including but not limited to concentrates, oils, tinctures, edibles, pills, topical forms, gels, creams, and other derivative forms, except that this term does not include live plant forms.

  • Biological product means a virus, therapeutic serum, toxin, antitoxin, vaccine, blood, blood component or derivative, allergenic product, protein other than a chemically synthesized polypeptide, or analogous product, or arsphenamine or any derivative of arsphenamine or any other trivalent organic arsenic compound, applicable to the prevention, treatment, or cure of a disease or condition of human beings.

  • Commercialization or “Commercialize” means activities directed to marketing, promoting, research and development as required, manufacturing for sale, offering for sale, distributing, importing or selling a product, including sub-licensing or sub-contracting of these activities.

  • Clinical laboratory means a facility for the microbiological, serological, chemical, hematological, radiobioassay, cytological, immunohematological, pathological, or other examination of materials derived from the human body for the purpose of providing information for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease or assessment of a medical condition.

  • Biological diversity means the variability among living organisms from all sources including, inter alia, terrestrial, marine and other aquatic ecosystems and the ecological complexes of which they are part; this includes diversity within species, between species and of ecosystems.

  • Collaboration Product means a pharmaceutical product containing or comprising Compound in any dosage form alone, or in combination with, one or more other pharmaceutically active ingredients, and any and all Improvements thereto.

  • Diagnostic mammography means a method of screening that

  • Antibody means a molecule or a gene encoding such a molecule comprising or containing one or more immunoglobulin variable domains or parts of such domains or any existing or future fragments, variants, modifications or derivatives thereof.

  • Clinical means having a significant relationship, whether real or potential, direct or indirect, to the actual rendering or outcome of dental care, the practice of dentistry, or the quality of dental care being rendered to a patient;

  • Therapeutic care means services provided by licensed or certified speech pathologists, Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists.

  • Research Use shall have the meaning given in Section 2.2.2 of this Agreement.

  • Marijuana product means marijuana as defined in 50-32-101 and marijuana-infused products

  • Collaboration Compound means any of the following: (a) FG-4592, (b) any HIF Compound (other than FG-4592) that is added to this Agreement pursuant to Section 3.6, and (c) any salts, esters, complexes, chelates, crystalline and amorphous morphic forms, pegylated forms, enantiomers (excluding regioisomers), prodrugs, solvates, metabolites and catabolites of any of the foregoing ((a) or (b)).

  • Biological Material means any material containing genetic information and capable of reproducing itself or being reproduced in a biological system;

  • Collaboration Know-How means all Know-How conceived, discovered, developed or otherwise made by or on behalf of a particular Party or any of its Affiliates or permitted subcontractors of any of the foregoing (solely or jointly by or on behalf of a particular Party or any of its Affiliates or permitted subcontractors of any of the foregoing) in the course of [***].

  • Bioassay means the determination of kinds, quantities or concentrations and, in some cases, the locations of radioactive material in the human body, whether by direct measurement, in vivo counting, or by analysis and evaluation of materials excreted or removed from the human body. For purposes of these rules, “radiobioassay” is an equivalent term.

  • Collaboration Technology means the Collaboration Know-How and the Collaboration Patents.