Definition of Term Loan Agent

Term Loan Agent means (i) so long as New Notes Obligations are outstanding under the New Notes Documents, the New Notes Agent, (ii) and after all New Notes Obligations have been Paid in Full, and so long as Term Loan Obligations are outstanding under any Term Loan Substitute Facility or the agreements and other documents securing, guaranteeing, evidencing, governing or otherwise relating to the foregoing, in each case, as amended, amended and restated, supplemented, modified, replaced, substituted or renewed from time to time in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, one or more other agents, collateral agents, trustees or similar contractual representatives for one or more holders of indebtedness or other Term Loan Obligations outstanding thereunder or in respect thereof from time to time.

Examples of Term Loan Agent in a sentence

Unless Agent shall have received notice from a Lender prior to the date of any particular Term Loan that such Lender will not make available to Agent such Lenders Pro Rata Share of such Term Loan, Agent may assume that such Lender has made such amount available to it on the date of such Term Loan in accordance with subsection (c) of this Section 2.2, and may (but shall not be obligated to), in reliance upon such assumption, make available a corresponding amount for the account of Borrower on such date.
Promptly after receiving a request for a Term Loan, Agent shall notify each Lender of the contents of such request and such Lenders Pro Rata Share of the requested Term Loan.
The Borrower agrees to pay to the Agent, for its individual account, a nonrefundable Agent's fee as provided in the letter dated June 11, 1997 among the Borrower, the Agent and the Term Loan Agent.
Execute and deliver to Agent (or Term Loan Agent with respect to the delivery of Term Loan Priority Collateral) from time to time, upon demand, such supplemental agreements, statements, assignments and transfers, or instructions or documents relating to the Collateral, and such other instruments as Agent may reasonably request, in order that the full intent of this Agreement may be carried into effect.
Each Loan Party shall be the sole account holder of each Deposit Account and shall not allow any other Person (other than Applicable Agent and, subject to the Intercreditor Agreement, the Term Loan Agent) to have control over a Deposit Account.