Definition of Term Loan A Notes

Term Loan A Notes means, collectively, those certain term promissory notes in the aggregate original principal amount of the Term Loan A Commitments, and one issued by the Borrower to each of the Lenders having a Term Loan A Commitment, each substantially in the form of Exhibit J attached hereto, and any extensions, modifications, renewals or replacements of, or amendments to, any of the foregoing.

Examples of Term Loan A Notes in a sentence

This Note is one of the Term Loan A Notes issued pursuant to Section 4.3of the Credit Agreement and evidences borrowings under, and has been issued by the Borrower in accordance with the terms of, the Credit Agreement.
The indebtedness of Borrower under the Term Loan A Facility hereof will be evidenced by one or more Term Loan A Notes (as amended, restated, replaced, supplemented, extended or renewed from time to time, each, a "Term Loan A Note," collectively, the "Term Loan A Notes") payable to the order of each Lender.
Term Loan A shall be made at the Boston Office by depositing the amount of such loan to the general account of the Borrower with the Agent against delivery to the Agent of the separate term notes of the Borrower (the "Term Loan A Notes") payable to the respective Lenders.
In connection with Term Loan A, the Borrower shall furnish to the Agent a certificate in substantially the form of Exhibit 5.2 2.2.2. Term Loan A Notes.
The Agent and the Lenders have so agreed; provided that, among other things, the Borrower execute and delivered amended and restated Term Loan A Notes and this Amendment.