Incremental Loan Commitments definition

Incremental Loan Commitments has the meaning assigned thereto in Section 5.13(a)(ii).
Incremental Loan Commitments is defined in Section 2.23.
Incremental Loan Commitments has the meaning assigned to such term in Section 2.20(a).

Examples of Incremental Loan Commitments in a sentence

  • Each such notice shall specify the date (each, an “Increased Amount Date”) on which the Borrower proposes that the Incremental Loan Commitments shall be effective.

  • In similar fashion, (i) Borrowings may be classified and referred to by Class, by Type and by Class and Type, and (ii) Commitments may be classified and referred to by Class; each Series of Incremental Loan Borrowings and Incremental Loan Commitments shall be deemed a separate Borrowing and Commitment hereunder.

  • An Incremental Loan Commitment Increase Notice shall set out the amount of the Incremental Loan Commitment requested and the date on which such Incremental Loan Commitments are requested to be effective (each an “Incremental Loan Increase Date”), which shall not be less than thirty (30) days nor more than forty-five (45) days after the date of such notice.

  • The Borrower may approach any Lender or any Person (other than a natural Person) to provide all or a portion of the Incremental Loan Commitments; provided that any Lender offered or approached to provide all or a portion of the Incremental Loan Commitments may elect or decline, in its sole discretion, to provide an Incremental Loan Commitment, and the Borrower shall have no obligation to approach any existing Lender to provide any Incremental Loan Commitment.

  • For the avoidance of doubt, no amendment executed for the purpose of making Incremental Loan Commitments under this Agreement shall require, as a condition to its effectiveness, the signature of any Lender that is not obligated to make an Incremental Loan under such amendment.

More Definitions of Incremental Loan Commitments

Incremental Loan Commitments means the commitment of any Lender, established pursuant to Section 2.25, to make Incremental Term Loans or Incremental Revolving Loans to the Borrowers (on a joint and several basis as between the Borrowers), as applicable.
Incremental Loan Commitments shall have the meaning provided in Section 2.14.
Incremental Loan Commitments means the Incremental Term Loan Commitments and the Incremental Revolving Credit Commitments.
Incremental Loan Commitments means as is specified in Section 5.17 [Incremental Loans].
Incremental Loan Commitments means all of the forgoing collectively then existing.
Incremental Loan Commitments means Incremental Loan Commitments under and as defined in the Term Loan Agreement as in effect on the date hereof.
Incremental Loan Commitments has the meaning specified in Section 2.11 [Incremental Loans].