Definition of Term Facility Debt

Term Facility Debt means Indebtedness in respect of the Term Loan Credit Agreement.
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Examples of Term Facility Debt in a sentence

The Borrowers will not waive, amend, modify, terminate or release any Term Facility Debt or Junior Debt to the extent that any such waiver, amendment, modification, termination or release would be adverse to the Lenders in any material respect.
To the extent that an insured loss covers or constitutes both Revolving Facility First Lien Collateral and Term Facility First Lien Collateral, then the Revolving Facility Agent and the Term Facility Agent will work jointly and in good faith to collect, adjust or settle (subject to the rights of the Grantors under the Revolving Facility Debt Documents and the Term Facility Debt Documents) under the relevant insurance policy.