Definition of Teradata Group

Teradata Group means Teradata, each Subsidiary of Teradata and each other Person that is either controlled directly or indirectly by Teradata immediately after the Effective Time or that is contemplated to be controlled by Teradata pursuant to the Non-U.S. Plan (other than any Person that is contemplated not to be controlled by Teradata pursuant to the Non-U.S. Plan).
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Examples of Teradata Group in a sentence

NCR shall be liable for, and shall indemnify and hold harmless the Teradata Group from and against any liability for, Taxes which are allocated to NCR under this Section 2.
In no event shall NCR be required to file any Ruling Request under this Section 7.03(b) unless Teradata represents that (A) it has read the Ruling Request, and (B) all information and representations, if any, relating to any member of the Teradata Group, contained in the Ruling Request documents are (subject to any qualifications therein) true, correct and complete.
NCR shall keep Teradata informed in a timely manner regarding such Tax Contests to the extent relating to the Teradata Business, the Teradata Group or the assets transferred to Teradata pursuant to the Transactions insofar as such Tax Contests would reasonably be expected to affect the Teradata Group.
Teradata and all members of the Teradata Group shall prepare all Tax Returns in accordance with such written notice.
As of the date hereof, all prior intercompany Tax allocation agreements or arrangements relating to one or more members of the NCR Group, on the one hand, and one or more members of the Teradata Group, on the other hand, shall be terminated, and no member of any Group shall have any right or obligation in respect of any member of the other Group thereunder.