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Temporary order means the temporary cease and desist order issued by the Secretary under 29 CFR 2560.521-1(c) and section 521 of ERISA. § 2571.3 Service: copies of documents and pleadings. For section 521 proceedings, this section shall apply in lieu of § 18.3 of this title: (a) In general. Copies of all documents shall be served on all parties of record. All documents should clearly designate the docket number, if any, and short title of all matters. All documentsto be filed shall be delivered or mailed to the Chief Docket Clerk, Office of Administrative Law Judges, 800 K Street, N.W., Suite 400, Washington, D.C. 20001-8002, or to the OALJ Regional Office to which the section 521 proceeding may have been transferred for hearing. Each document filed shall be clear and legible. (b) By parties. All motions, petitions, pleadings, briefs, or other documents shall be filed with the Office of Administrative Law Judges with a copy, including any attachments, to all other parties of record. When a party is represented by an attorney, service shall be made upon the attorney. Service of any document upon any party may be made by personal delivery or by mailing a copy to the last known address. The Secretary shall be served by delivery to the Associate Solicitor, Plan Benefits Security Division, ERISA Section 521 Proceeding, P.O. Box 1914, Washington, D.C. 20013 and any attorney named for service of process as set forth in the temporary order. The person serving the document shall certify to the manner of date and service. (c) By the Office of Administrative Law Judges. Service of orders, decisions, and all other documents shall be made in such manner as the Office of Administrative Law Judges determines to the last known address. (d) Form of pleadings.
Temporary order means a temporary order for protection against domestic violence.
Temporary order means an enforcement action that lasts for 14 days and can be extended for an additional 14 days pursuant to sec. 66.0417, Wis. Stats. A Temporary Order may include but is not limited to:

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  • MISCELLANEOUS COMMISSION PROVISIONS 460.1191 Temporary order; issuance; rules.Sec.

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Temporary order means a temporary order for protection against domestic violence. (Added to NRS by 1985, 2283; A 1997, 1808; 1999, 1372; 2001, 2128; 2003, 1754; 2007, 1275)
Temporary order means an ex parte order entered by the court pursuant to 23 Pa.C.S. § 6107. Pa.R.C.P. 1901.
Temporary order means an order that says it is effective only for a limited time, and includes an interim order; (“ordonnance temporaire”)
Temporary order means process by which an individual in question is commanded to appear and answer cause.
Temporary order means a temporary order for protection against domestic violence.] (Deleted by amendment.)
Temporary order means an order under section 51;
Temporary order means a protection order of a kind described in section 16.