electronic address definition

electronic address means in regard to Electronic Communication, any email address furnished to the Company by the Holder;

Examples of electronic address in a sentence

  • A notice or other communication (including any periodic report, account statement or annual report) may be given or distributed by the Company to any Member either personally, electronically (including through a website) or by sending it by prepaid post addressed to such Member at his or her registered address or by being transmitted to his or her Relevant Electronic Address by Electronic Means in accordance with this Article.

  • The Company must give notice of availability of a document, record or statement to the Holder either to its last known Delivery address or last Electronic Address.

  • By sending the notice or a copy of the document by electronic mail, if the Person has an Electronic Address; On the date and at the time recorded by the computer used by the Company, unless there is conclusive evidence that it was delivered on a different date or at a different time.

  • Any Member may notify the Company of a Relevant Electronic Address or fax number for the purpose of receiving communications by Electronic Means from the Company, and having done so shall be deemed to have agreed to receive, and be served with, notices and other documents from the Company by Electronic Means.

  • For the avoidance of doubt, any Relevant Electronic Address or fax number specified by a Member to the Company prior to the date of adoption of these Articles for the purpose of communicating by Electronic Means will constitute a notification of that Relevant Electronic Address or fax number for the purposes of Article 55.4.

More Definitions of electronic address

electronic address means any address or contact number furnished to the Company by the Holder or holder of Beneficial Interests in the Securities of the Company to which the Company can send Electronic Communication;
electronic address means an information system, or portion thereof, designated by the parties to the online dispute resolution process to exchange communications related to that process.
electronic address means any number or address used for the purpose of
electronic address means a multi-part address typed in lower-case without any spaces separating the different parts where the first part (the user name) identifies a unique user. The '@' separates the user name from the host name which uniquely identifies the mail server. The three-letter suffix following a period (dot) identifies the kind of organization operating the mail server.
electronic address means either a telephone number for facsimile document communication (fax) or an electronic mail (e-mail) address. “Electronic address” does not mean a telephone number for voice or TDD (telephone device for the deaf) communication.
electronic address. Phone No.:Fax No.:Electronic Address: 730 731 32. COUNTER; REJECTION. This offer is Countered Rejected. 732 Initials only of party (Buyer or Seller) who countered or rejected offer END OF CONTRACT TO BUY AND SELL REAL ESTATE 733