Definition of Tech Transfer Deliverables

Tech Transfer Deliverables means ***.
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Examples of Tech Transfer Deliverables in a sentence

During the Term, Company and Receptos will each promptly notify the other of any Claim by a Third Party against Company or Receptos, or any Affiliate of Receptos or Company, alleging infringement of such Third Partys intellectual property rights as a result of the performance of the activities of the Program, use of the Tech Transfer Deliverables, or practice of the Improvement IP License or the Technology License anywhere in the Territory.
At Companys request, which request shall be made no sooner than *** after the Effective Date and within *** after the Effective Date, Receptos shall use commercially reasonable efforts to perform the Program, an initial plan for which is forth in Exhibit C (the Technology Transfer Plan); and deliver the Tech Transfer Deliverables to Company.
With respect to the transfer of know-how for the Tech Transfer Target which is the ***, Receptos will provide Company with up to *** of support from employees or consultants of Receptos, following delivery of the Tech Transfer Deliverables for such Tech Transfer Target, to train Company in the use of such Tech Transfer Deliverables in the reproduction of the Solution at issue, which training may be conducted on-site at Receptos and at Company site.
Unless earlier terminated in accordance with the provisions set forth herein this Agreement will remain in effect from the Effective Date until the earlier of (i) the three (3) year anniversary of the Effective Date (the Term) or (ii) the later of (x) achievement of Tech Transfer Success; (y) delivery of the Tech Transfer Deliverables; and (z) payment of Success Milestone.
Receptos shall commence Program activities and commence activities related to the delivery of Tech Transfer Deliverables within thirty (30) days of Companys request unless such period is extended by mutual written agreement of the parties.