Definition of TCIG

TCIG means Triton Capital I GmbH, a Swiss limited liability company that as of the Issue Date (x) owns the Collateral Rig, (y) is a direct wholly-owned Subsidiary of the Equity Pledgor and (z) is an indirect wholly-owned Subsidiary of Holdings and TINC.
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Examples of TCIG in a sentence

Submitted Tenders must be enclosed in a sealed envelope, which must be clearly marked: Tender for: FRAMEWORK AGREEMENT FOR CONSULTANCY FOR TCIG CAPITAL PROJECTS and to be addressed to: Secretary to the Procurement Board Central Purchasing Unit White Sands Road Grand Turk Turks & Caicos Islands Note: A label is provided for the envelope; he sealed envelope should not carry any identification mark indicating the sender of the envelope.
No proceeds of the Securities shall be loaned to TCIG, Holdings, or any other Swiss Group Company or be otherwise used in a manner which would constitute a "use of proceeds in Switzerland" (Mittelverwendung in der Schweiz), as interpreted by the Swiss Federal Tax Administration for purposes of Swiss Withholding Tax.
The vessel itself potentially contains toxic/noxious substances, although the extent and volume are currently unknown by the TCIG.
While minor enhancements have been done by a local database consultant, to date, there has been no upgrade to the SIGTAS version utilized by TCIG.
Based on the decision made by the TCIG to remove the MV Mega One Triton and break it down for scrap metal, the TCIG are currently accepting proposals for the completion of this process.