Definition of TCI

TCI means Taubman Centers, Inc., a Michigan corporation and the managing general partner of the Borrower.
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TCI means Taiwan Chlorine Industries, Ltd., a Taiwanese corporation.

TCI means Tele-Communications, Inc.
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Examples of TCI in a sentence

TCI is hereby authorized to enter into written sales agreements with other independent broker-dealers for the sale of the Contracts.
TCI agrees to use its best efforts to solicit applications for the Contracts and otherwise perform all duties and functions which are necessary and proper for the distribution of the Contracts.
Notwithstanding the preceding sentence, no broker-dealer, associated person or other individual or entity shall have an interest in any deductions or other fees payable to TCI as set forth herein.
TCI agrees to offer the Contracts for sale in accordance with the registration statements and prospectus therefor then in effect.
TCI shall be responsible for carrying out its sales and underwriting obligations hereunder in continued compliance with the FINRA Rules and federal and state securities and insurance laws and regulations.