Definition of TCBA

TCBA means Transition Cost Balancing Account.

TCBA means the Texas Business Corporations Act.

Examples of TCBA in a sentence

As of January 1, 2004, the TCBA and other Assembly Bill 1890 ratemaking accounts will be replaced by the regulatory asset and the ratemaking resulting from the proposed settlement (PSA, P 2e).
The Board of Directors of Target has approved the transactions contemplated by this Agreement for purposes of Sections 48-103-101 through 48-103-505 of the TBCA, if applicable to Target, such that the provisions of such sections of the TCBA will not apply to this Agreement or any of the transactions contemplated hereby or thereby.
At one time there was uncertainty as to whether AB 1890 had limited the Commission's authority to allow PG&E to recover all of the wholesale power costs it had booked into its Transition Revenue Account (TRA), or all of its uneconomic generation-related costs in its TCBA.
At the Effective Time, the Bylaws of EETL, as in effect immediately prior to the Effective Time, shall be the Bylaws of the Surviving Corporation, until thereafter altered, amended or repealed in accordance with the TCBA.
All parties recognize that there no longer is any uncertainty about the Commission's authority to allow PG&E's recovery of its TCBA balance because AB 6X restored the Commission's ratemaking authority over generation-related facilities owned by the public utilities under our jurisdiction.