PCI definition

PCI means payment card information including any data related to credit card holdersnames, credit card numbers, or the other credit card information as may be protected by state or federal law.
PCI means Potomac Capital Investment Corporation.

Examples of PCI in a sentence

  • For more information on PCI write-offs, see Consumer Portfolio Credit Risk Management – Purchased Credit-impaired Loan Portfolio on page 76.

  • The insurance policy must include coverage for regulatory and PCI fines and penalties, crisis management expenses, and business interruption.

  • The address phase of a PCI transaction is followed by one or more data phases.

  • The 2004 program of record was heavily conditioned by Coast Guard expectations in 2004 about future funding levels in the PC&I account.

  • To prevent bus contention, if the secondary PCI bus is idle, the arbiter never asserts one grant signal in the same PCI cycle in which it de-asserts another.

More Definitions of PCI

PCI means the Payment Card Industry.
PCI means Pharmacy Council of India constituted under section 3 of the Pharmacy Act, 1948 (Central Act No. 8 of 1948);
PCI means a procedure used to open or widen a narrowed or blocked coronary artery to restore blood flow supplying the heart, usually done on an emergency basis for a STEMI patient.