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  • These buyers come from the country’s three major suppliers (FRIM, LRC, or ICRAF) or at times even directly from the distributing organisations: the GOs and NGOs.A second group of collectors are professional, i.e. being seed-collectors from organisations, particularly the NTSC staff at FRIM, collect special species and valuable seed sources themselves.

  • Figure 5: Corresponding frames from the juggling sequence ××Specifically, the reference sequence was captured using an NTSC digital camera and consisted of 150 colour frames at 30Hz with a resolution of 320 240 pixels whilst the tar- get sequence, captured with a PAL analogue camera, con- tained 250 greyscale frames at 25Hz with a resolution of 720 576 pixels.

  • Since 1997, NTSC has collected approximately three tonnes of seed yearly while the annual demand at that time was over 10 tonnes (Mkandawire, 1997).

  • In addition, synchronous 60Hz de-interlaced NTSC video from a headset-mounted micro- camera, imaging a profile of the nose was used to verify that there was no movement of the probe relative to the head during speech.

  • The EMD shall be submitted in the first envelope super-scribed as “Technical Bid”, of prescribed amount by way Demand Draft drawn in favour of “ NSIC Ltd.- NTSC A/c”, only for the Machine(s) quoted by the Bidder.

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NTSC. The acronym for the National Television Systems Committee.
NTSC. The acronym for National Television Systems Committee.
NTSC means the National Traffic Safety Committee established pursuant to Prime Minister’s Decision Number 917/1997/QD-Ttg of October 29, 1997, and any successor thereto.
NTSC. ’ means the John A. Volpe National
NTSC meansNSIC-Technical Services Centre