FMS definition

FMS. Means the provision by Cartrack to the Client of a real-time web-based system whereby the Client is able to position, monitor and obtain reports covering various aspects of driver and vehicle performance. This Service only applies where a GPS fleet management Unit is installed and is limited to the Territory, except if the Product specifically incorporates international data roaming, in which case the roaming data service will be provided in specified countries.

Examples of FMS in a sentence

  • The Engineer shall organize the electronic project files in accordance with the State’s File Management System (FMS) format.

  • The Engineer shall furnish the State with a CD or DVD of the final plans in the format of current CADD system used by the State, .pdf format, and in the State’s File Management System (FMS) format.

  • A surety shall be listed on the US Department of the Treasury’s Listing of Approved Sureties maintained by the Bureau of Financial Management Service (FMS),, stating companies holding Certificates of Authority as acceptable sureties on Federal bonds and acceptable reinsuring companies (FMS Circular 570).

  • Database recovery service – this service is designed to assist you to recover, from backup media, XXXX and FMS data lost or compromised during a major system failure.

  • An FMS vendor processes timesheets, makes payments, and manages all required tax withholdings, including Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) taxes, for personal assistance workers employed by Participants under either self-directed model.

More Definitions of FMS

FMS means, collectively, each of the states constituting the Somali federation, as acknowledge in Article 48 of the Recipient’s Provisional Constitution (2012).
FMS means full-mission simulators
FMS means the Financial Management System which ensures Council Officers place orders against Council contracts currently in place.
FMS has the meaning given to it in Annex C (Measurement Provisions);
FMS means the metering system immediately upstream of the System Entry Point at which all natural gas shall be measured or analysed in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, prior to entry into the National Grid Gas System;
FMS means the prevention and treatment of fibromyalgia syndrome.
FMS means the Financial Man- agement Service, a bureau of the De- partment of the Treasury.