Tare definition

Tare means the weight of wrapping, bands, ropes or wires used to cover cotton bales.
Tare. , of a vehicle, means the total of the following

Examples of Tare in a sentence

  • Tare the first dish and also subsequent dishes used but note the weight before taring if weight varies from 11.500 or tare varies by +/- 0.010g from tare.

  • Tare weights shall only be able to be changed by a tare weighing operation.

  • Weighment of the of the material to be supplied to NFL shall be made on the basis of number of bags each 50 Kg received at the NFL’s destination/s or by net weight of Trucks received at destination (net of Gross weight and Tare weight).

  • Tare weight of vehicle (Daily scale weight of the empty vehicle).

  • Tare weight shall not be construed to include the valve protecting cap, which shall be removed when weighing.

More Definitions of Tare

Tare means the actual weight of a vehicle when unladen inclusive of the body, accumulators, loose tools, spare wheel and other usual equipment and a full supply of water and fuel used for the purposes of propulsion;
Tare is the Gross Square Feet of a Building(s) less the Net Square Feet therein which results in non-assignable spaces pursuant to the New Mexico Public School Adequacy Planning guide.
Tare means the Tulsa Authority for the Recovery of Energy.
Tare means the mass of an unloaded vehicle together with all accessories, fittings and spare parts that are required by the vehicle to perform the function for which it is to be used, including, in the case of a motor
Tare means the unladen weight of a vehicle and includes
Tare means the weight of the packaging material:
Tare means the weight of wrapping, bands, ropes or wires used to cover