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  • The statistics of the differences between the Brewer adjusted Dobson TCO3 values from two successive measurements taken at an interval of no longer than 10 minutes, for the period 1963-2019.

  • We notice the seminal contributions of Elijah Brewer and Hesna Genay [1995].

  • Brewer, Establishment of a human hepatocyte line that supports in vitro development of the exo-erythrocytic stages of the malaria parasites Plasmodium falciparum and P.

  • In addition, a study by Brewer, Roy, and Smith (2010), which aimed to examine factors that affect sexual violence, found that rural areas experienced more domestic violence than urban because the number of infected was higher in rural Tripura, in India.

  • Qlarant Panel DiscussionJanet Tynes, Martina Pocaterra, Gladys Brewer & Chandra Rivers12:30 - 1:309.

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Brewer means a person who produces malt beverages.
Brewer or "brewery" means any person engaged in the business of manufacturing beer and malt liquor. Brewer includes a brand owner of malt beverages who holds a brewer's notice with the federal bureau of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms at a location outside the state and whose malt beverage is contract-produced by a licensed in-state brewery, and who may exercise within the state, under a domestic brewery license, only the privileges of storing, selling to licensed beer distributors, and exporting beer from the state.
Brewer means and includes any person who manufactures for
Brewer or "manufacturer" means any person manufacturing, otherwise producing or