Definition of Taglich Investors

Taglich Investors means, collectively, the Taglich Equity Investors and the Taglich Founding Investors.

Examples of Taglich Investors in a sentence

With respect to each Closing, the Company or its agent shall deliver to the Placement Agent within 15 days after such Closing, on behalf of the TaglichInvestors, the original executed and sealedCommon Stock certificates and Investor Warrants representing the Units being purchased by the Taglich Investors in such Closing.
There are no finder’s fees or brokerage commissions payable with respect to the purchase of Units by the Taglich Investors due to the actions of the Company, except as provided in Section 12 of this Agreement.
The Taglich Investors and the Placement Agent shall be entitled to rely on such material notwithstanding any investigation they or any of them may have made.
The Placement Agent is hereby appointed as the exclusive placement agent of the Company for the purpose of the offering and sale of the Units to the Taglich Investors.