Lead Investor definition

Lead Investor means Empery Asset Master, Ltd.
Lead Investor means Cavalry Fund I LP.
Lead Investor means Hudson Bay Master Fund Ltd.

Examples of Lead Investor in a sentence

  • In the event that this Agreement is terminated prior to the occurrence of the initial Closing, the Company shall reimburse the Lead Investor for all actual and reasonably documented due diligence and legal fees and expenses, including the reasonable and documented fees and disbursements of its counsel, Lucosky Xxxxxxxx LLP.

  • As consideration for entering into this Agreement, on the date of the initial Closing the Company shall pay to the Lead Investor a commitment fee of Two Hundred Fifty-Eight Thousand One Hundred Twenty Five and zero/100 Dollars ($258,125.00) and shall issue to the Lead Investor to the Commitment Shares, which will be deemed fully earned on such date as such fee is paid and such Commitment Shares are issued.

  • Each Investor agrees that neither the Lead Investor, any Investor nor the respective controlling Persons, officers, directors, partners, agents, or employees of any Investor shall be liable to any other Investor for any action heretofore taken or omitted to be taken by any of them in connection with the purchase of the Notes.

  • Solely with respect to the initial Closing, the Lead Investor shall have received opinions from United States and Jersey counsel to the Company and Subsidiaries in forms reasonably acceptable to the Lead Investor.

  • In its sole discretion, in lieu of cash payment of the foregoing amount the Lead Investor may choose to accept a convertible promissory note or notes substantially in the form of Exhibit A hereto having an initial principal amount equal to the amount of the commitment fee required to be paid pursuant to this Section 5.18.

More Definitions of Lead Investor

Lead Investor means [ ].
Lead Investor means Altium Growth Fund, LP.
Lead Investor means [●].
Lead Investor means an Investor set forth on Schedule 5; provided, that such Investor shall cease to be a Lead Investor and shall be deemed to be a Co-Investor for all purposes of this Agreement if such Investor and its Affiliates, in the aggregate, hold less than fifty percent (50%) of the Allotted Portions, measured as of the date hereof, of the Equity Commitment of such Investor and its Affiliates.
Lead Investor means Ospraie Ag Science LLC.
Lead Investor means Xxxxxx Bay Master Fund Ltd.