Tabulation definition

Tabulation means the act of a tabulator (e.g., optical scanner) counting the voter selections for candidates or ballot measures. The tabulator scans the voter selections on a ballot or paper output from a hybrid voting system and determines the vote count for the candidate or ballot measure.
Tabulation means a list of Vendors submitting Offers in response to a particular Solicitation and, if applicable, the prices Offered as allowed under G.S. 143-52(a).
Tabulation means the production of returns of votes cast for candidates or ballot measures in a form that can be read by a person, whether as precinct totals, partial cumu- lative totals, or final cumulative totals.

Examples of Tabulation in a sentence

  • BIDDER IS REQUESTED TO USE THE CITY'S BID FORM ENCLOSED AS NONE OTHER WILL BE ACCEPTED.LEGIBLE INFORMATION MUST BE GIVEN IN THE SPACES PROVIDED.A copy of the Bid Tabulation may be obtained by contacting the Procurement office and will be available online once the award has been made.

  • Data Presentation and Analysis: Elements of Analysis, Data Preparation, Special Data Problem, Tabulation, Data Presentation, and Data Analysis.

  • Cross Tabulation of Reliable Change against Clinically Significant Change for ‘All Non-risk’ ScoresClinically Significant Change (Criterion C)Reliable changeYesNoTotalFailed to achieve clinically significant change despite sufficient initial score022Started better than criterion for clinically significant change8311Clinically significant change707Total15520 Satisfaction SurveysNo bibliotherapy users completed the evaluation report when returning books to their library.

  • Tabulation of Planned Uses This project consists of maximum commercial square footages, maximum number of dwelling units, maximum outdoor seating, maximum site coverage’s and maximum build- ing heights as summarized in the attached Exhibit “1”..

  • No votes were received in Class 4, thus pursuant to Solicitation and Tabulation Procedures defined in the Solicitation Order, Class 4 is also deemed to accept the Plan.

More Definitions of Tabulation

Tabulation means the systematic arrangement of facts, statistics, and similar information, except the names of individuals, in column or table format.
Tabulation means a tally of votes produced by an electronic device designed for that purpose.
Tabulation means the production of returns of votes cast for candidates or ballot measures in a form that can be read by a per-
Tabulation means the enumeration of votes cast for a candidate or for a position on a measure in a given election that provides a determination of the elector’s choice. (Example: Of the 200 ballots counted, 125 were tabulated for Candidate “A” who, having accrued a majority vote was declared the winner.)
Tabulation means a chart, graph, or other organization of data.